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Holeta Polytechnic College establishes Committee for grant and proposal writing to diversify income

By Dawit Tadesse Diversifying sources of revenue for Regional Flagship TVET institutes is important for their growth and ensuring financial financial sustainability. The traditional source of funding for TVET institutions in Ethiopia have been the government and through subventions and tuition/ non-tuition fees paid by parents and students. Revenue diversification embraces not only to internal […]

Holeta Polytechnic College makes progress in construction of Regional Flagship TVET Institute in Agro-processing

By Dawit Tadesse Infrastructure is crucial for overall development, it enables people to access education, improve mobility, maintenance of services, facilities, efficiency and productivity of labor. Mobilization consists of preparatory work and operations necessary for the movement of personnel, equipment, supplies, and incidentals to the project site; for the establishment of offices, buildings, and other […]

Holeta Polytechnic College conducts training for stakeholder on grievance resolution

By Dawit Tadesse Holeta Polytechnic College through East Africa Skills for Transformation and regional Integration Project (EASTRIP) conduct Grievances Resolution Mechanism and Environmental and Social Safeguards for the College Management, Grievances Resolution Committee and other stakeholders at Ethiopian Management Institute, Addis Ababa. The objective of the training was to create awareness and experience sharing on […]

Short term training for non-project national TVET College on teachers in services program.

By Dawit Tadesse One of the ESTRIP project targets is to increase outreach and support for non-project national TVET institute to maximize the impact of the regional flagship TVET institutes and incentivize them to partner with non-project TVET institutes. Accordingly, Holeta Polytechnic College is supporting 3 selected non-project national TVET College that is Shashamane, Batu […]