IUCEA Portal-min
IUCEA Monitoring and Evaluation Portal to improve data management among Technical and Vocational Institutes in East Africa  
China Scholarship-min (1)
20 Lecturers from Technical and Vocational institutes selected for EASTRIP China TVET scholarship for postgraduate studies in China   
Countries in East Africa take steps towards harmonizing TVET systems for regional integration. 
Kenya Coast Staff Exchange-min
Staff attachments facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange between Arusha Technical College in Tanzania and Kenya Coast National Polytechnic 
Dire Dawa Staff Exchange-min
Successful Staff Exchange Program Enhances Teaching Capacity at Dire Dawa Polytechnic College 
Holeta Polytechnic Tracer Study-min
Holeta Polytechnic College’s Graduate Tracer Study Reveals Promising Employment Rate for Graduates 
Communication Officer Training-min
Communication Specialists trained on effective knowledge sharing and promoting a positive image of TVETs
How partnerships with industries are transforming skills, boosting productivity, and saving jobs at Dire Dawa Polytechnic College 
Holeta Polytechnic College Annual Budget focusses on Transforming the College into a centre of excellence in Agro-processing  
Photo 2 (1)
Arusha Technical College and Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology to begin Collaboration in Transportation Engineering 
KIHBT Inaugurates Rwatama Campus in Busia County 
KIHBT Participates in Career Fairs and Exhibitions to Market its programmes 


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