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A group of fifty (50) students from both ATC and KNP together with their at Namanga One Stop Boarder Post (OSBP) in Tanzania.
Arusha Technical College in Tanzania in student and staff exchange with Kisumu National Polytechnic in Kenya

By Makundi Senzota Arusha Technical College (ATC) in Tanzania and Kisumu National Polytechnic in Kenya have exchanged staff and students as part of the implementation of EASTRIP Project which is funded by the World Bank. A total of twenty-five (25) students studying Renewable Energy and two (2) Staff from Arusha Technical College have been sent […]

DIT Mwanza in Tanzania sends over 30 students to study  fashion and design at Kisumu National Polytechnic College in Kenya

By Augustine Mbitila On 10th June 2022, a total of 31 students studying Leather Products Technology and one staff of the Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT) Mwanza Campus in Tanzania were sent to Kisumu National Polytechnic in Kenya for a one-month student and staff exchange. The regional students and staff exchange programme under […]

Kisumu National Polytechnic College begins construction on USD4.5m regional flagship TVET institute for Textile Technology

By Godwin Bonge Muhwezi The Kisumu National Polytechnic College held a ground breaking ceremony on 23rd February 2022 to begin the construction of the Regional flagship TVET institute for Textile Technology worth USD4.5 million. The project is funded by the World Bank through the East Africa Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP). The […]

Hawassa Polytechnic College signs partnership agreement with Kisumu Polytechnic College to facilitate regional exchange of students and staff
Hawassa Polytechnic College in Ethiopia and Kisumu Polytechnic College in Kenya sign cooperation agreement to facilitate regional exchange of students and staff

By Biruk Kassahun Hawassa Polytechnic College (HPTC) in Ethiopia and The Kisumu National Polytechnic (TKNP) in Kenya have signed cooperation agreement to facilitate regional exchange of student and staff under Textile and Garment priority areas. The two parties also held discussions on how to facilitate staff and student exchange, develop bilaterally agreed programmes and share […]

Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) with TKNP Council members and Project Implementation team during MOU negotiation meeting. This is an integral part of the institution to institutionalize industry linkages for skills transformation.
Kisumu Polytechnic in partnership with Industry to enhance skills development

By Laura Miranyi The Kisumu National Polytechnic College (TKNP) promotes industry partnerships as an integral part of education. The Organization strives to support and enhance the relevance of collaborations in equipping the youth and adults with skills required for employment, decent work, entrepreneurship, and lifelong learning. In Technical, Vocational, Education and Training (TVET), industry partnerships […]

TKNP trainers in Rivatex East Africa Limited undergoing attachment assessment. This is part of the training that equips them with technical skills in textile technology to be competitive in delivery of competency-based curriculum.
Industry-TVET partnerships enhance practical skills of trainers

By Laura Miranyi Tertiary institutions of learning are increasingly incorporating new and improved training methodologies. Industry-TVET partnerships have provided instrumental platforms for staff exchange programs. This key concept is an inevitable practice in narrowing skills gap and is gaining momentum over other existing array of training methodologies. TKNP has in the recent past valued and […]

Consultative meeting with stakeholders to promote the development and growth of the cotton industry.
Kisumu Polytechnic engages stakeholders in Cotton Value Chain to improve quality of products

By Laura Miranyi The Cotton, Textile and Apparel (CTA) sector is a strategic and key pillar in the manufacturing industry and the Kenyan economy at large. The sector is labour-intensive and employs both semi-skilled and un-skilled workers. The value chain includes cotton production, ginning, spinning, and weaving, apparel production and output sales and marketing. The […]

The Kisumu National Polytechnic collaborates with textile industry to develop demand-driven curriculum

By Laura Miranyi Development of competency-based curriculum is predominantly informed by the Training Needs Assessment and Labor Market Information which identifies the knowledge skills gaps and the industry relevant employability skills. The Kisumu National Polytechnic embarked on a rigorous process to design and develop competency-based curriculum that aims to bridge the niche in building a […]

The Kisumu National Polytechnic conducts fact finding mission of mapped Vocational Training Centres

By Laura Miranyi Outreach and support for Non-project National TVETs has become an increasingly useful and popular approach to improve the face and mentoring of sister institutions. The mentorship exercise aims to leverage on TKNP’s enhanced skills and technical capacity. This initiative relied on a mapping out and needs assessment exercise carried out around the […]

The Kisumu National Polytechnic collaborates with Textile industry to develop demand-driven TVET courses.

Creating demand-driven programs requires collaboration between Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutes and industry. In this Video documentary, the staff of The Kisumu National Polytechnic College, the EASTRIP Regional Flagship TVET Institute in Textile Technology, explain how it is making this partnership work.  Contributed by Laura Milanyi, the Communication Officer at The Kisumu […]