Holeta Polytechnic College’s Graduate Tracer Study Reveals Promising Employment Rate for Graduates 

Holeta Polytechnic College’s Graduate Tracer Study Reveals Promising Employment Rate for Graduates 

Holeta Polytechnic College (HPC) held a validation workshop for its Graduate Tracer Study on June 19, 2023, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The study revealed an improvement in graduate employment rate of 67. 29 %, six months after graduation.  

The study, conducted among graduates of the Polytechnic College in the academic year 2021/2022 provided valuable insights into their job placement experiences which will guide the college in its efforts in preparing students for the workforce. 

Mr. Ayele Menegesha, representing the study team, while presenting study findings observed that among the employed graduates, 32 were women and 75 were men.  

Participants in a group photo after the validation workshop

Dr. Teferi Lemma, the Project Coordinator for EASTRIP at Holeta Polyetechnic College emphasized importance of the workshop which was to understand the importance of preparing students to transition from training to employment. In his speech, College Dean Mr. Getachew Chibsa officially opened the validation workshop and expressed his gratitude to all participants for their commitment to improving graduate outcomes. 

The study’s results shed light on the positive outcomes of HPC’s educational programs, reinforcing the college’s commitment to equipping students with the skills desired by employers. 

However, the study also highlighted areas of improvement. For instance, about 36% of the graduates found employment in positions unrelated to their field of study. This data signals the importance of bridging the gap between academic training and industry demands, ensuring graduates’ skills closely align with the job market’s requirements. 

Participants during the validation workshop

Holeta Polytechnic College’s emphasis on vocational and technical skills development is evident in the study’s findings. Though the results showcase a positive outlook for graduate employability, opportunities exist to enhance the college’s curriculum to better match the needs of the private sector. Strengthening industry linkages and incorporating cooperative training initiatives were identified as vital steps to further improve graduate career prospects. 

The validation workshop provided a platform for stakeholders to discuss potential solutions and build upon the study’s recommendations. Enhancing job search information, improving employment conditions, and fostering increased collaboration between the college and employers were identified as key strategies to boost graduates’ chances of securing positions in their respective fields. 

With a focus on continuous improvement, HPC remains committed to ensuring graduates are equipped with the necessary qualifications and industry-relevant competences, to improve their chances of employment in a fast-changing employment landscape. 

By Dawit Tadesse, the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for EASTRIP Project at Holeta Polytechnic College 

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