Kenya Coast Staff Exchange-min
Staff attachments facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange between Arusha Technical College in Tanzania and Kenya Coast National Polytechnic 
Dire Dawa Staff Exchange-min
Successful Staff Exchange Program Enhances Teaching Capacity at Dire Dawa Polytechnic College 
Holeta Polytechnic Tracer Study-min
Holeta Polytechnic College’s Graduate Tracer Study Reveals Promising Employment Rate for Graduates 
Communication Officer Training-min
Communication Specialists trained on effective knowledge sharing and promoting a positive image of TVETs
How partnerships with industries are transforming skills, boosting productivity, and saving jobs at Dire Dawa Polytechnic College 
Holeta Polytechnic College Annual Budget focusses on Transforming the College into a centre of excellence in Agro-processing  
Photo 2 (1)
Arusha Technical College and Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology to begin Collaboration in Transportation Engineering 
KIHBT Inaugurates Rwatama Campus in Busia County 
KIHBT Participates in Career Fairs and Exhibitions to Market its programmes 
EASTRIP Team Conducts Monitoring Mission to Support Project Implementation in Kenya-min
EASTRIP Team Conducts Monitoring Mission to Support Project Implementation in Kenya
Ethiopia’s Young Talents Shaping the Future of Automotive and Manufacturing in the Country
nit surveyors-min
NIT Cleared to Construct State-of-the-Art Training Facilities at Kilimanjaro International Airport to Empower Future Aviation Leaders
General Wingate Polytechnic College Boosts Training Facilities with High-Tech Electrical Laboratory Equipment
Kenya Coast Polytechnic Receives 5th Consignment of Training Equipment
Kenya Coast Polytechnic Staff Exchange Program Enhances Skills Development and Regional Integration
Kenya Coast Polytechnic College Hosts EASTRIP Team on Monitoring and Support Mission
Participants during training-min
Kombolcha Polytechnic College in Awareness Training on Internship and Cooperative Training
Grievance Redress Mechanism Committee at Kenya Coast Polytechnic Continues to Monitor Environmental and Social Safeguards
Monthly meeting-min
General Wingate Polytechnic College Hosts EASTRIP Monthly Meeting to Assess Progress and Prepare Annual Work Plan
Ethiopian Prime Minister
Ethiopia’s Ministry of Labour and Skills Launches 3rd Round National Skills Competition
Ms. Bethel Abera
Pursuing excellence: Bethel Abera’s journey to stardom at Ethiopia’s National Skills Competition
IUCEA and World Bank
IUCEA and World Bank Team Visit China to Strengthen Collaboration for TVET Capacity Building
East Africa
East Africa breaks barriers to harmonize TVET Qualifications assessment and certification
KenGen, UNIDO launch capacity building programme for geothermal power utilization in Africa
Meru National Polytechnic
Meru National Polytechnic and Arusha Technology College foster collaboration in Multimedia and Cyber Security Programmes
Project Coordinators
IUCEA conducts capacity building for ILOs and Communication Officers
Arusha Technical College in Tanzania commended for progress in construction of Regional Flagship TVET Institute in renewable energy
General Wingate
General Wingate Polytechnic College holds Ground Breaking for construction of Regional Flagship TVET Institute in Electrical and Digital Applications
KIHBT trainers
KIHBT trainers in Ethiopia at General Wingate Polytechnic College for staff exchange
Contract agreement signed
Contract agreement signed with the winning firm for procuring automotive training equipment
General Wingate Polytechnic College in Ethiopia Commits to implementing Quality Management system
Kombolcha Polytechnic College signs Memorandum of Understanding with IPDC
Meru National Polytechnic accredited to offer its own TVET Qualifications
eastrip meeting-min
Technical and Vocational Education experts in East Africa commend EASTRIP for supporting regional integration
KenGen Geothermal Training Centre in staff exchange with Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre in Zambia
National Institute of Transport
NIT conducts staff and student exchange programs
Kenya Coast National
Kenya Coast National Polytechnic hosts students from East Africa on Exchange Programme
host students
Holeta Polytechnic College in Ethiopia sends teaching staff to Meru Polytechnic College in Kenya
Holeta Polytechnic College staff-min
Holeta Polytechnic College seeks to increase student enrolment in long-term programs
Arusha Graduation ceremony
Regional Flagship TVET Institutes enhance regional Integration through student and staff exchange Programmes
Arusha Technical College-min
Arusha Technical College in Tanzania Begins Making Electric Motorcycles
tutor and students-min
Over 20 TVET Tutors and Lecturers from TVET Institutes in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania Selected for Postgraduate Scholarships in China
EASTRIP Team conducts a monitoring support and supervision mission in Ethiopia
Maurice Nabende-min
Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology to Setup a Campus in Rwatama, Busia County
fit director-min
Federal TVET Institute integrates environmental and social safeguards in construction of regional flagship TVET Institute in Leather Products
permanent secretary-min
Ministry Of Education Impressed with Progress In Construction At Arusha Technical College Kikuletwa Campus In Tanzania
General Wingate-min
Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology and General Wingate Polytechnic College in Ethiopia exchange Staff
Arusha college deputy-min
KenGen Geothermal Training Center and Arusha Technical College in Tanzania begin Implementing Strategic Partnership
Induction workers-min
Kenya Coast National Polytechnic Conducts Community Sensitisation on Environmental and Social Safeguards Issues
eng moris-min
Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology signs Corporation Agreements with Industry
Arusha Technical College (ATC) in Tanzania in partnership with Industry Begins Short Courses in Renewable Energy
KenGen Geothermal Training Centre in Kenya Conducts Short Course in Geothermal Energy for Staff of Tanzania Geothermal Development Company
Six short programs-min
Industry Accredits Short Programs in Highway Infrastructure Sector Developed by KIHBT
KIHBT trains 20 Regional participants from Somalia on Labour Based Technology
DIT develops Web-based Application for handling grievances in all EASTRIP Regional Flagship TVET Institutes
Air craft-min
NIT gets two new Cessna Skyhawk Aircrafts for aviation training
day care center-min
Kombolcha Polytechnic College inaugurates day-care center
The World Bank and IUCEA hold training on Environmental and Social safeguards for TVET Colleges
e-Learning Management-min
How FTI has deployed e-Learning Management to enhance training of TVET programs
The Arusha Technical College Acting Rector Dr. Musa Chacha (3rd left) and CRJE (East Africa LTD Chairman (2nd right) display contracts documents after the signing exercise
Arusha Technical College Signs Contract For Construction of Regional TVET Institute in Renewable Energy
The Arusha Technical College Acting Rector Dr. Musa Chacha (3rd left) and CRJE (East Africa LTD Chairman (2nd right) display contracts documents after the signing exercise
IUCEA holds sensitisation workshop on Regional TVET Qualifications Framework
Industry liaison and monitoring and evaluation specialists enhance their skills in data analysis and industry partnerships
Meru National Polytechnic Shines at the 2022 Africa Tech Challenge
Meru National Polytechnic in partnership with Arusha Technical College begin to design two long term joint curricula
KIHBT undertakes benchmarking visit in Ethiopia
Kombolcha Polytechnic College holds progress review meeting
Holeta Polytechnic College conducts Industry Advisory Board (IAB) Meeting
Holeta Polytechnic College establishes Committee for grant and proposal writing to diversify income
Holeta Polytechnic College launches a website for information sharing
Holeta Polytechnic College makes progress in construction of Regional Flagship TVET Institute in Agro-processing
Dr. Anjali Sastry (Centre) from NIT hands over a Certificate to the Prof. Preksedis M. Ndomba (Right), the Principal DIT and Chairman of the DIT Governing Council, Eng. Dr. Richard Masika (Left) after signing the MoU with MIT, USA.
DIT, Tanzania collaborates with MIT, USA to improve training and research
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College RFTI’s SIFA project kickoff meeting with the donors and supervision consultant
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College generates 3.3 million Euros in funding for projects to complement EASTRIP
World Bank Co-Regional Task Team Leaders for EASTRIP, Dr. Xiaoyan Liang (Center)  and Dr. Innocent Mulindwa (2nd Right) with the Team in Ethiopia during the supervision support mission.
World Bank Team undertakes supervision support mission to Ethiopia
Participants during the Strategy Meeting to develop Ethiopia TVET Financing Mechanism.
Ethiopia drafts the national TVET Financing strategy
NIT Rector, Prof. Zacharia Mganilwa (4th R) with officials from NIT and FHWA following discussions to  develop a cooperation agreement.
NIT develops collaborations with the US Department of Transportation in  research and technology transfer
From an Automobile Engineer to a successful Sales Engineer: NIT graduate Razack shares his career experience
Prof Nombo Moja Tanzania’s Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Deputy Permanent Secretary Prof Caroline Nombo (1st-Left) looking at some of the equipment that will be used for training of aircraft maintenance engineering personnel at the National Institute of Transport (NIT). Others in the photo are NIT Rector Prof Zacharia Mganilwa (3rd-right) and NIT’s Governing Council’s Chairman Prof Blasius Bavo Nyichomba (2ND-Right)
Government inaugurates high-tech teaching equipment for aviation engineering training at NIT
Meeting between Kenyan delegation and two PS from Seychelles Education Ministry
Kenya Coast Polytechnic Team seeks partnership with Seychelles Maritime sector
Dire Dawa polytechnic College Dean, Mr. Salim Usman signing  the Tripartite MoU.
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College signs MoU with Ethio-Djibouti Standard Gauge Railway Share Company and Dire Dawa University.
Arusha Technical College Rector Dr. Musa Chacha (Centre seated) in a group photo with ATC EASTRIP Industrial Advisory Board after opening the meeting
Arusha technical college conducts Annual Industry Advisory Board Meeting
Mbili, Moja National Institute of Transport (NIT)’s students in a capacity building event
NIT urges companies to provide training opportunities for graduates
KIHBT Scholarship
KIHBT to offer 40 scholarships for female students to increase enrolment in Science and Engineering Programmes
KCNP Marine students on attachment working on a ship outboard engine AT Kenya Navy
Kenya Coast Polytechnic spearheads mentorship programme to promote female enrolment in Marine Engineering
training school
Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia exchange academic staff to promote regional integration in TVET.
Director, KIHBT, Eng. Nabende (left) and the Dean-GWPTC, (Right) signing a Cooperation Agreement
KIHBT and General Wingate Polytechnic College (GWPTC) to facilitate Staff Exchange Programs

Arusha Technical College and Meru National Polytechnic students in a group photo before crossing Tanzania/Kenya Boarder at Namanga in Tanzania
Arusha Technical College in Tanzania in student exchange with Meru National Polytechnic in Kenya
Ethiopia trains procurement officers on construction and contract management
Holeta Polytechnic College conducts training for stakeholder on grievance resolution
Short term training for non-project national TVET College on teachers in services program.
Dire Dawa Administration Bureau and Polytechnic College recognise sector stakeholders
16 copy
Hawassa Polytechnic College Begins Construction of USD11.8 million Regional Flagship TVET Institute in Textile Technology
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College RFTI’s construction demolishing, site clearance and foundation’s concrete work
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College in Ethiopia begins construction of the first phase of Regional Flagship TVET Institute in Railway Transport
Holeta Polytechnic College in Ethiopia holds a ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of Regional Flagship TVET institute in Agro processing
Picture 2
DIT Mwanza in Tanzania wins the National Science and Technology Competition in the TVET category
A group of fifty (50) students from both ATC and KNP together with their at Namanga One Stop Boarder Post (OSBP) in Tanzania.
Arusha Technical College in Tanzania in student and staff exchange with Kisumu National Polytechnic in Kenya
DIT Mwanza in Tanzania sends over 30 students to study  fashion and design at Kisumu National Polytechnic College in Kenya
DIT Mwanza in Tanzania and Ethiopia Technical University conduct staff exchange
ETU trains wielders on international wielding standards
6 copy
Ethiopia Team trains EASTRIP finance specialists
KenGen holds Knowledge Sharing Forum for the ILO’s PPDPs in Kenya, Somalia and Zambia
Students from Banjika Secondary School listening to the sensitization team
DIT Mwanza visits secondary schools in Tanzania to promote TVET courses among female students
Holeta Polytechnic College in Ethiopia conducts graduate tracer study validation workshop
Picture 16
World Bank Team Visit Arusha Technical College to assess implementation of the EASTRIP Project
Picture 14
Former Arusha Technical College Student excels in Energy Sector
Picture 13
Kombolcha Polytechnic College develops modular curriculum for automotive short-term trainees
Picture 8
Arusha Technical College enters into partnership with Kafue Gorge Research and Training Centre (KGRTC) staff and student exchange
Picture 6
Tutors from federal TVET Institute in staff exchange at Arusha Technical College
Picture 2
Arusha Technical College Students get training in entrepreneurship
Picture 1
KIHBT conducts Training and Sensitization Programs for its Gender Committee
Picture 2
FTI- EASTRIP capacity building for Females trainees
NIT graduate shares the secret behind his success in transport and logistics Manager
The Meru National Polytechnic and Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technology Exchange Regional Student
Dr.Albert Mmari (Second from left) handing over the balls to the team's mentor, lady Ms Hawa Jeremiah . Looking on is DIT staff member Mr Nelson Vincent (First left) and youths at a ceremony held at DIT main campus.
DIT Mwanza Campus donates leather shoes and footballs to schools in Mwanza and Dar es Salam
Dire Dawa Polytechnic conducts short term training on advanced welding for non-project TVET Institutions’ tutors
Technical and Vocational Training Institute strengthens partnership with industry through short-training programs
Kombolcha Polytechnic College conducted capacity strengthening training on gender and disability inclusion
1 copy
Technical and Vocational Training Institute (TVTI) in Ethiopia  conducts Gender Mainstreaming Training
Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 01.15.01
Experts meet to validate the East African Qualifications Framework for TVET 
Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 00.50.10
KIHBT launches an Alumni Association
Screenshot 2022-05-08 at 23.52.08
Kenya Coast National Polytechnic sends 30 staff on industrial attachment 
Screenshot 2022-05-08 at 23.48.23
Hawassa Polytechnic College facilitates Capacity Building on Environmental and Social Safeguards 
Screenshot 2022-05-08 at 23.33.33
Arusha Technical College enters partnership with Meru National Polytechnic for Staff and Student exchange 
Screenshot 2022-05-08 at 13.12.23
Kenya Coast National Polytechnic in staff exchange programme with National Institute of Transport in Tanzania.  
Screenshot 2022-05-08 at 12.51.25
Kombolcha Polytechnic College conducts leadership training for senior management team
Right to Left: Mr. Kevin Ochieng, KCNP Centre Leader, Anne Mbogo (Mrs) KCNP Chief Principal, Professor Dr. Zachariah Mnagilwa NIT Rector and Mr. Fabian Kisuka, NIT Legal Officer after signing of the partnership agreement. 
Kenya Coast Polytechnic signs 8 collaboration agreements with industries and education institutions
Screenshot 2022-05-08 at 12.22.18
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College conducts training on Action Research for A Level Teachers
Screenshot 2022-05-08 at 11.49.34
KIHBT Gender Committee develops action plan and strategy to increase female enrolment
Staff from Frontier-i consulting and College Staff 
Holeta Polytechnic College commissions graduate tracer study
Farmers and youth during the field training in Agronomy practices
Holeta Polytechnic College conducts short term training for technicians, farmers and youth
3 copy
Dire Dawa Polytechnic conducts regular meetings for Industry Advisory Board
3 copy
Kombolcha Polytechnic College signed MoU Partner Colleges and Industry
3 copy
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College conducts capacity building training on Gender-Based-Violence for female staff
Kilimajaro Regional Commissioner hon. Stephen Kagaigai (2nd left) being briefed by PIU chairperson Dr. Erick Mgaya on how a mini hydro turbine made at ATC works when he visited Kikuletwa campus
Regional Officials Visit Kikuletwa Renewable Energy Training And Research Centre
3 copy
KHIBT continues to strengthen partnership with County Governments
DDPTC’s Teachers at Addis Ababa University, African Railway Centre of Excellence during training on Railway Truck Structure Modelling and Simulation
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College in partnership with Addis Ababa University, African Railway Centre of Excellence train staff in Railway Truck Structure Modelling and Simulation Organized
3 copy
ATC Conducts Short Professional Trainings for Industry stakeholders
8 copy
Automotive Department Trainers Conduct Industry Experience Sharing Visit
Arusha Technical College and TANESCO in Joint Sensitisation Campaign to increase Female Students Enrolment in Technical Courses
KIHBT gets modern facilities and equipment to facilitate training
National Polytechnic
Staff from Kenya Coast National Polytechnic on EASTRIP staff exchange programme at National Institute of Transport in Tanzania commend the host institute.
Inspired by her siblings to pursue civil engineering
Kisumu National Polytechnic College begins construction on USD4.5m regional flagship TVET institute for Textile Technology
Participants during the Webinar on Improving Management of Vocational Colleges
160 TVET Tutors and lectures trained during IUCEA and GZTC capacity building webinars.
Train wagons for Ethiopian Railways Corporation
Ethiopian Railways Academy develops Occupational Standards for railway transport
Kenya Coast National Polytechnic College registers increased enrollment of foreign students
Kengen GTC registers increase in enrolment of regional students
Dr Beker Shale, State Minister, Ministry of Labour and Skills
Ethiopa and World Bank Team in joint performance review
Gifting of Guests by Chief Principal, Council Chairman and Industry Advisory Board Chairman
Kenya Coast National Polytechnic College hosts EASTRIP Delegates
Environmental and social safeguard unit in a group photo with village council executives and GRM committee members
Arusha Technical College establishes Grievances Redress Mechanism
Industries’ technologies during short-term training on advanced welding at DDPTC training workshop
Dire Dawa excels in fostering partnerships with the private sector
NIT Rector, Prof Zacharia Mganilwa (2nd R) and SSCS’ General Manager, Ajuaye Msese (2nd L) during the MOU signing ceremony
NIT, Simba Supply Chain Solution sign agreement on industrial training
EASTRIP teams from KCNP and NIT during KCNP benchmarking visit at NIT. Seated from the far left to the right: KCNP Chief Principal, KCNP Council Chairman, Deputy National Coordinator EASTRIP Kenya, NIT Rector and Deputy Principal Administration NIT
National Institute of Transport (NIT) Tanzania and Kenya Coast National Polytechnic Strategic Partnership
ATC management in a meeting with Y and P Architect (Consultant) when they met to receive an inception report from the Consultant on 22nd January 2022
ATC begins design of various infrastructure projects at Kikuletwa Campus
DIT conduct community outreach events and Capacity Building
NIT’s three-year tracer studies reveal promising results
Arusha Technical College Acting Rector Dr. Musa N. Chacha (3rd left seated) in a group photo with different stakeholders in the country during a tracer study workshop to present the findings of conducted tracer study
Employment rate for graduates from Arusha Technical College increase, according to graduate tracer study
Arusha Technical College Acting Rector Dr. Musa N. Chacha (3rd left seated) in a group photo with different stakeholders in the country during a tracer study workshop to present the findings of conducted tracer study
Kenya Coast National Polytechnic College makes progress in conducting Tracer Study for FY 2021/2022
Technical and vocational colleges in East Africa record fourfold increase in student enrolment
Arusha Technical College Solar Training Centre Transforms Renewable Energy Sector
Winners of the 2021/22 EASTRIP-China TVET Scholarship share experiences
Photo. Capacity building training on Women’s Leadership, Life Skill and Empowerment
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College organized capacity building training for women tutors and staff in collaboration with partner institute, Haramaya University.
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College moves to ISO Certification
Holeta Polytechnic college conducts Community Sensitization on Grievance Resolution Mechanism & Gender Based Violence.
Holeta Polytechnic College develops learning materials and curriculum for new TVET Porgrammes
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College holds awareness workshop on grievance redress mechanism
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Students in their class session
NIT maintains positive trend in achieving EASTRIP Targets
DIT Team visits secondary schools in effort to increase female enrolment in TVET courses
Figure 4: DIT Mwanza Industrial Advisory Committee members attentively listening to Eng.Masud, the Managing Director of KILIC, Moshi town, Kilimanjaro region.
Students and tutors of DIT Mwanza Campus showcase their Innovations at Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair
NIT team to visit 20 schools in gas-rich regions to encourage females to join TVET courses
Hawassa Polytechnic College signs partnership agreement with Kisumu Polytechnic College to facilitate regional exchange of students and staff
Hawassa Polytechnic College in Ethiopia and Kisumu Polytechnic College in Kenya sign cooperation agreement to facilitate regional exchange of students and staff
ATC staff train student on how to build a biodigester following industrial attachment
Participants at the training programme on Exploration and Development of Geothermal Resources
KenGen Geothermal Training Centre begins short course on Sustainable Development Goals in Exploration and Development of Geothermal Resources
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College provides short term training for technicians on advanced wielding, pneumatic and hydraulics
DIT Mwanza Campus graduates are employed within six months after graduation according to graduate tracer study
Principal Secretary Dr. Margaret W. Mwakima, PhD, DD, EBS Ministry of Education (Kenya) State Department of Technical and Vocational Training giving a press briefing after commissioning the construction of the Regional Flagship TVET institute in Building and Construction Technology.
Meru National Polytechnic begins construction of USD 4.4 Million Centre of Excellence in Building and Construction Technology.
EASTRIP posts good results in midterm review
Machine spare part for Konel Soap Factory produced by Dire Dawa Polytechnic College tutors, Yohanis Teka and Yonas Toum
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College tutors have produced a machine spare part for Konel Soap Factory
Staff of the logistics firm, Super Star Forwarders Co. Ltd. The firm has signed partnership agreement with NIT
NIT signs enters partnership with Super Star Forwarders for industrial attachment
Photo : Dire Dawa Polytechnic College teachers during industrial attachment in Dire Dawa Industrial Park at Andrea Shoes Manufacturing PLC
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College Tutors attend industrial attachment
Subira Mwakyoma, a graduate of the bachelor’s degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, receives her award.
NIT ex-student receives award as young engineer in aviation from Engineers’ Board
A group photo of various staff of Arusha Technical College and others from industries who attended the workshop.
ATC Staff develop short courses in renewable energy
Photo : Dire Dawa Polytechnic College staffs have visited Ayaan Food and Mineral Water Factory
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College strengthens partnership with Ayaan Food and Mineral Water Factory
Anthony J. Carlos (1st left), a student at Arusha Technical College explains his smart light intelligent traffic light system to Ruangwa District Commissioner Hon. Hassan Ngoma (1st right) when the later visited ATC for a familiarization tour
A Student at Arusha Technical Innovates Intelligent Traffic Control System
Project Coordinators and M&E Officers from Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania after the M&E Training.
IUCEA conducts capacity building training for Project Managers, Communication officers and M&E Training
Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) with TKNP Council members and Project Implementation team during MOU negotiation meeting. This is an integral part of the institution to institutionalize industry linkages for skills transformation.
Kisumu Polytechnic in partnership with Industry to enhance skills development
A Tutor at Dire Dawa Polytechnic College in Ethiopia produces Automatic Hand Washing Machine for protection against COVID 19
EASTRIP regional team with from KenGen Geothermal Training Centre during the visit to the institution.
EASTRIP Regional Team impressed by progress at KenGen Geothermal Training Centre
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Students in their class session
NIT begins offering IATA accredited courses
Participants during the validation of workshop on finalisation of the Ethiopia National Education Qualification Framework and the Accreditation Strategy
Ethiopia begins validation of the National Qualifications Framework and Accreditation Strategy
Holeta Polytechnic College conducts steering Committee Meeting
Curriculum development workshop at KIHBT
KIHBT in Partnership with Industry stakeholders and County governments to develop short program courses in Highways Technology
Dire Dawa Melka Jebdu Secondary School’s Students Visited Dire Dawa Polytechnic College’s training workshops.
Group photo: Meru National Polytechnic RFTI managers attending a training facilitated by the Ministry of Education (Kenya).
Meru Polytechnic conducted Management training to build institutional capacity.
Tutors from Dire Dawa’s manufacturing department during the production of machine spare parts
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College is strengthens linkages with industry through professional training
Females with disabilities after being in short term courses by Hawassa Polytechnic Staff
Hawassa Polytechnic college supports disabled females to access TVET Programs
Grievances Redress Committee Members in a session during a four-day workshop on how to address social grievances raised by the community
Arusha Technical College Grievances Redress Committee to address social grievances
NIT signs MoUs for with regional institutions to develop high quality TVET programmes
NIT signs MoUs for with regional institutions to develop high quality TVET programmes
TKNP trainers in Rivatex East Africa Limited undergoing attachment assessment. This is part of the training that equips them with technical skills in textile technology to be competitive in delivery of competency-based curriculum.
Industry-TVET partnerships enhance practical skills of trainers
Kenya Coast National Polytechnic fosters women participation in vocational studies through WITED Network
NIT Rector, Prof. Zacharia Mganilwa (M) with NIT Mechanical Engineer graduates works with Gas Entec Co Ltd
Women in Engineering: Neema Nkya, a former mechanical engineering student at NIT excels in her profession
DIT Staff and key stakeholders in the leather and food processing industry during the stakeholders’ meeting for curriculum review and development.
DIT Mwanza introduces new programs in leather and food processing technology
Picture: Program Validation Workshop by Industry Advisory Board
Hawassa Polytechnic College accredited to Provide Short-term training programs
Aircraft Maintainance Engineering Students in their class session
NIT approves seven new courses for Academic Year 2021/22
Webinar on developing demand driven courses
Arusha Technical College Admission Officer Mr. Victor Losearian Ngaai explains to Secondary School students on the admission requirement to join Kikuletwa Campus
Kikuletwa renewable energy training centre participates TCU industry exhibitions
Arusha Technical College conducts workshop to validate results of a tracer study
Subira at work at Air Tanzania service station.
NIT Team visit secondary schools to promote participation of female students in science programmes
DIT Mwanza Students showcase creativity and innovation at the Science, Technology and Innovation Competitions
Kombolcha Polytechnic College develops curriculum for demand driven programmes
Holeta Polytechnic College begins infrastructure development of the Centre of Excellence in Agro-processing
NIT to introduce Transport Excellence Scholarship for female and regional students
Arusha Technical College partners with Industries to facilitate Staff and Students Industrial practical training
Consultative meeting with stakeholders to promote the development and growth of the cotton industry.
Kisumu Polytechnic engages stakeholders in Cotton Value Chain to improve quality of products
NIT conducts communication campaigns to improve student enrolment
Meru Polytechnic in partnership with TVET Institutes for joint marketing activities
Arusha Technical College Staff Innovates Electrical Solar Powered Tricycle for people with disabilities
Arusha Technical College Student innovates Smart Light Control System
Participants Group Photo after the opening session of the EASTRIP Technical Advisory Meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
TVET Leaders meet for EASTRRIP Technical Advisory Meeting
Lecturers at Dire Dawa Polytechnic College’s share their knowledge and skills gained from industrial attachment at knowledge sharing session with the rest of college’s staff.
Dire Dawa Polytechnic tutors complete practical industrial attachment
Participants at a training of TVET institutions
KIHBT conducts various skills training for staff and partners
Dire Dawa Polytechnic provides short-term training in advanced weilding for industry experts
DIT Mwanza Campus Staff delivering teaching materials at VETA Dakawa, Morogoro region
DIT Mwanza Industry collaborations to promote skills development in leather industry
Trainees in wielding at Ethiopian Technical University
Ethiopian Technical University strengthens Industry-University collaborations for skills development
KIBHT staff at Kwale County Government Head Office.
KIHBT seeks partnerships with County Governments for support in road construction
NIT in partnership with Colleges in Kenya to facilitate staff and student exchange
Members of the Skills Advisory Committee in a training workshop at Kenya School of Government.
KENGEN GTC Advisory Committee to address the skills gap in the energy sector
Dr. Cosam Joseph (Left), the EASTRIP Regional Coordinator and Ms. Patricia de Bruijn (Right), the Managing Director, Cadena International Development Projects after signing the contract.
IUCEA contracts Cadena international to facilitate harmonization of TVET qualifications and occupational standards
Photo 1:  Dire Dawa Polytechnic College Regional Flagship TVET Institute’s Foundation Stone laying Ceremony
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College breaks ground for construction of regional flagship institute in railway transport.
The new system to manage traffics at railway-road junctions on display at NIT
NIT new system to manage traffics at railway-road junctions
Clothing and Textile students’ innovations and designs during TKNP International Multi-disciplinary Conference and Skills Competition in June 2021.
Students at Kisumu National Polytechnic showcase innovative designs in skills competition
IUCEA in partnership with Guangzhou Technician College hold a webinar on industry demand analysis for TVET
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College provides practical training in electro mechanical technology, and metal engineering technology
Ministry of Education in Tanzania satisfied with performance of EASTRIP at Arusha Technical College
The Kisumu National Polytechnic collaborates with textile industry to develop demand-driven curriculum
Photo: Day Care Centre for Dire Dawa Polytechnic College’s trainees and staffs (above)
Dire Dawa College sets up Day Care Centre to encourage female participation in TVET courses
Arusha Technical College staff participate in industrial training in renewable energy
KIHBT sends staff for Practical skills development at Pan African Equipment Group
NIT partnership with Air Tanzania to reduce the cost of training pilots abroad
Ms. Wanhong Tan from Guangzhou Technician College during the capacity building webinar
Kenya Coast National Polytechnic promotes e-Learning due to COVID-19 pandemic
NIT students in Tanzania introduce bus sensor technology to help passengers to track routes for commuter buses
Subira Mwakyoma inspiring the next generation of aircraft engineers
Holeta Polytechnic College holds consultative meeting with Agro-Processing industries
Hawassa Polytechnic College Organizes Different Capacity Building Trainings
NIT collaborates with industry to develop long-term courses In Transport and aviation
The Kisumu National Polytechnic conducts fact finding mission of mapped Vocational Training Centres
Consultative meeting between Dire Dawa Polytechnic College and Ethio-Djibouti Railway (EDR) management team in developing demand-driven programmes
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College conducted consultative meeting with the Ethio-Djibouti Railway (EDR) management team in developing demand-driven programs.
AME student describing the principle of Operations of Gas Turbine Technology
Twelve Lecturers NIT attend Industrial Attachments Programme to Improve Skills, Knowledge
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College carried out staff attachment to industries for practical training.
Participants and Trainers during the opening ceremony of the EGENCO Training
KenGen Geothermal Training Centre conducts online training for Malawi’s Egenco Agents
DIT Mwanza collaborates with industry to increase student enrolment in demand driven TVET Programmes.
Tutors at General Wingate Polytechnic College share their experiences from industry attachments.
The Industry Advisory Board at Kombolcha meet to review quarterly project performance
Ethiopian lecturers participating in theoretical and practical sessions to Diploma students.Left is Assistance Lecturer Ms. Liya Shawel Tesfaye supervising and guiding Diploma students. Right is Assistance Lecturer Mr. Girum  Mesfin Ketema instructing Diploma students during workshop sessions at DIT Mwanza Campus.
DIT Mwanza and FTI Ethiopia sign cooperation agreement for staff exchange
Kenya Coast National Polytechnic enters partnership with Maritime Industry stakeholders
The Kisumu National Polytechnic collaborates with Textile industry to develop demand-driven TVET courses.
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College’s female students during the interview
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College’s female students determined to solve unemployment challenges
Diploma students from DIT Mwanza Campus display their products during International day of women and girls in science in Dar es Salaam region.
DIT Mwanza campus promotes female enrolment in TVET courses through promotional campaigns
Female students at KIHBT during the interview
Female Students at KIHBT defy stereotypes to excel in Road Construction and Highway Engineering
My passion for repairing home electrical and electronic appliances inspired me to pursue a TVET course
My passion for repairing home electrical and electronic appliances inspired me to pursue a career in TVET
TVET Experts develop guidelines for staff and student mobility
A Lecturer and his students in a practical session at Arusha Technical College. EASTRIP with support from World Bank provides scholarships to young lecturers at selected TVET Institutes to upgrade their skills at top Universities and Technical Colleges in China.
20 Young Lecturers Pre-selected for EASTRIP China-TVET Scholarship
KenGen curriculum developers at past training
Kengen’s Geothermal Training Centre develops new training programmes
NIT to offer Flight Operations Officers course
Hawassa Polytechnic College to support seven TVET colleges in skills training
KHIBT develops short-term professional courses in partnership with industry
IATA short courses to produce more competent aviation experts
Arusha Technical College in partnership with Industry to train professional artisans and technicians
NIT adapts e-learning platform to facilitate training programmes
KHIBT trains staff on how to conduct e-learning
Kisumu National Polytechnic Staff during a training on how to use the e-learning platform
Kisumu National Polytechnic launches learning platform for TVET courses
NIT on course to increase female enrolment in aviation programmes
ATC introduces new curricula for renewable energy
KIHBT signs Cooperation Agreement with Laikipia County Government
KIHBT carries out various training and capacity building programs for its staff
KIHBT inaugurates industry advisory board
Kisumu Polytechnic holds workshop on Capacity Building and Institutional Enhancement
Internal facilities of the renovated classrooms.
Class room renovations at Holeta Polytechnic College to increase student enrolment
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College puts in place preliminary works for safe reopening
Participants at the joint Industry Advisory Board and Steering Committee meeting
Holeta Polytechnic College holds industry advisory board and steering committee meeting
Hawassa Polytechnic College hosts Community Sensitization on Environment and Social Safeguard Issues
The Dean, Dire Dawa Polytechnic College (DDPTC), Mr Beharudin Yusuf and Scientific Directors of Dire Dawa University, Institute of Technology (DDIT), Dr. Merhawit Birehane signed the MoU
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College Signs MoU with Dire Dawa University Institute of Technology.
Principal Secretary, State Department of Vocational and Technical Training and Chairperson Kenya EASTRIP National Steering Committee, Dr Julius Juan (4th from left) during a visit at The Kisumu National Polytechnic in November 2020
Principal Secretary visits Regional Flagship TVET Institute for Textile Technology
Arusha Technical College Inaugurates Industry Advisory Board
PIU Staff after the project management training
PIU staff at Arusha Technical College undertake project management training
Kikuletwa Renewable Energy Training and Research Centre holds Consultative Stakeholders Workshop
Hawassa Polytechnic conduct industry training for its staff
Dire Dawa Polytechnic College completes evaluation of architectural designs for the construction of training facilities
NIT to receive two Air Crafts for aviation Training
IUCEA conducts induction for regional working group on TVET harmonisation
IUCEA trains communication Officers in digital marketing
China-EASTRIP Scholarship Winners speak out
Board meeting
Kenya Coast National Polytechnic hires consultant to conduct graduate tracer studies
Kenya Coast National Polytechnic establishes industry advisory board
KENGEN Geothermal Training Centre pushes for healthy cooperation with Academia
Kenya’s NPCU conducts monitoring and evaluation exercise at Kisumu National Polytechnic
Kisumu National Polytechnic hailed for putting in place measures to curb COVID-19 (1)
Kisumu National Polytechnic hailed for putting in place measures to curb COVID-19
KHIBT_M&E Training
KIHBT staff trained on monitoring and evaluation
KIHBT opens to students after months of lockdown
Hawassa Polytechnic College conducts capacity building for its trainers
Hawassa Polytechnic College Signs MoU with Ethiopian Textile Industry Development Institute
M&E Training in Naivash, Kenya (2)
M&E Consultants conduct training for RFTI staff
KDI shares experience on knowledge management
TVET Regional Authorities Meeting in Nairobi (5)
IUCEA appoints members of the Regional Technical Working Group on TVET Harmonisation
DIT Mwanza conducts community outreach campaigns on TVET