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Short term training for non-project national TVET College on teachers in services program.

By Dawit Tadesse One of the ESTRIP project targets is to increase outreach and support for non-project national TVET institute to maximize the impact of the regional flagship TVET institutes and incentivize them to partner with non-project TVET institutes. Accordingly, Holeta Polytechnic College is supporting 3 selected non-project national TVET College that is Shashamane, Batu […]

Holeta Polytechnic College in Ethiopia holds a ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of Regional Flagship TVET institute in Agro processing

By Dawit Tadesse Holeta Polytechnic College held a ground-breaking ceremony to begin the construction of the Regional Flagship TVET institute in Agro processing. This follows the signing of a contract agreement  between the polytechnic and Bridge Construction Plc in Joint Venture with UNIMPRESA S.P.A.   Under the terms of contract, Bridge Construction Plc togther with […]

Farmers and youth during the field training in Agronomy practices
Holeta Polytechnic College conducts short term training for technicians, farmers and youth

By Dawit Tadesse  Holeta Polytechnic College conducts outreach programmes through short term trainings for  technicians, farmers and the youth. The outreach programmes are part of the College’s initiative to provide advisory services mainly for Developmental Agents and Agricultural Experts and upgrading of their technical skills in Agro processing.  The college also conducted short term training […]

Holeta Polytechnic College develops learning materials and curriculum for new TVET Porgrammes

By Dawit Tadesse Holeta Polytechnic College conducted a workshop to develop Training, Teaching, and Learning Materials (TTLM) and Curriculum. It included developing a comprehensive description of relevant aspects of the TVET Programmes at the polytechnic, including Programme Design and Learning Modules. A plan incorporating a structured series of intended learning outcomes and associated learning experiences. […]

Holeta Polytechnic College begins infrastructure development of the Centre of Excellence in Agro-processing

By Dawit Tadese Holeta Polytechnic College held an inaugural ceremony to launch the planning and design for the physical infrastructure development for the Centre of Excellence in Agro-processing at the College. The ceremony was held in the presences of the President of Oromia Regional State Mr. Shimalis Abdisa, Ministry of Science and Higher Education Dr.Samuel […]

Holeta Polytechnic College holds consultative meeting with Agro-Processing industries

Manufacturing industries engaged in Dairy processing, Fruit Processing (such as papaya juice, mango juice, passion juice) and vegetable processing (such as potato cheeps) participated in the workshop. Selected number of College management members staff of EASTRIP PIU, and representatives of selected stakeholder’s institutions (such as Holeta Town TVET Office, Women, Youth and Children Affairs office, […]

Internal facilities of the renovated classrooms.
Class room renovations at Holeta Polytechnic College to increase student enrolment

One of the objectives of EASTRIP Project is to increase access and quality of TVET of the Holeta Polytechnic College. To this end, various renovations were undertaken at Holeta Polytechnic College to bring them up to standard with the requirements of a regional flagship TVET Institute in Agro-processing. In total, six classrooms including one laboratory […]

Participants at the joint Industry Advisory Board and Steering Committee meeting
Holeta Polytechnic College holds industry advisory board and steering committee meeting

Holeta Polytechnic College, the EASTRI Regional Flagship TVET Institute (RFTI) in Agro-Processing, held a joint Industry Advisory Board (IAB) and Steering Committee meeting to strengthen cooperation between the college management and industry practitioners. The meeting was also attended by the Town Mayor who congratulated welcomed participants to the meeting. Participants at the meeting During the […]