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Meru National Polytechnic and Arusha Technology College foster collaboration in Multimedia and Cyber Security Programmes

By Joseph Orina The Meru National Polytechnic in Kenya and Arusha Technology College in Tanzania have combined resource and expertise to develop two Ordinary Diploma Programmes aimed at enhancing technical skills and fostering integration between the two countries. The programs in Multimedia and Animation Technology and Cyber Security are a result of a joint initiative […]

Meru National Polytechnic Shines at the 2022 Africa Tech Challenge

By: Joseph Orina The Africa Tech Challenge is an international competition sponsored by AVIC international to foster skills development. This year’s competition was on construction engineering technology. The participants were trained online for one month from July 25th to August 22nd, through the AVIC INTL Vocational Education Online Platform. The preliminary competition on “Reading and […]

Meru National Polytechnic in partnership with Arusha Technical College begin to design two long term joint curricula

The Writer at the Cultural Heritage Centre in Arusha By: Joseph Orina The Meru National National Polytechnic RFTI together with Arusha Technical College RFTI have agreed to partner in order to achieve enrollment in long-term programmes. One of the major issues in achieving this DLI is the difference in curriculum designs. The two institutions are […]


Arusha Technical College and Meru National Polytechnic students in a group photo before crossing Tanzania/Kenya Boarder at Namanga in Tanzania
Arusha Technical College in Tanzania in student exchange with Meru National Polytechnic in Kenya

By Makundi Senzota Arusha Technical College (ATC) in Tanzania and Kisumu National Polytechnic in Kenya have exchanged students as part of the implementation of EASTRIP Project which is funded by the World Bank. A total of twenty-five (25) students studying Renewable Energy and two (2) Staff from Arusha Technical College have been sent to Meru […]

The Meru National Polytechnic and Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technology Exchange Regional Student

By Joseph Orina The Meru National Polytechnic RFTI and DIT RAFIC completed training of regional students in Gypsum Installation Technology, Graphic Design and 3D Animation and Modelling. The two flagship institutes collaborated to break the regional barriers that include mobile telephone communication, fast transport system and common curricula among others. In this collaboration the two […]

Principal Secretary Dr. Margaret W. Mwakima, PhD, DD, EBS Ministry of Education (Kenya) State Department of Technical and Vocational Training giving a press briefing after commissioning the construction of the Regional Flagship TVET institute in Building and Construction Technology.
Meru National Polytechnic begins construction of USD 4.4 Million Centre of Excellence in Building and Construction Technology.

By Joseph Orina Construction of a $4.4 million postmodern regional centre of excellence in building and construction technology has started at the Meru National Polytechnic,  as part of the East Africa Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP). Speaking during the ground-breaking ceremony at the institution, State Department for Vocational and Technical Training Principal Secretary […]

Group photo: Meru National Polytechnic RFTI managers attending a training facilitated by the Ministry of Education (Kenya).
Meru Polytechnic conducted Management training to build institutional capacity.

By Joseph Orina The Meru National Polytechnic College organized a training for its managers to build capacity of its staff to make the Regional Flagship TVET Institute a regional flagship centre in Building Construction Technology. The training focused on the following areas: Job Satisfaction and Motivation, Handling of External and Internal Correspondence, Crisis Management, and […]

Meru Polytechnic in partnership with TVET Institutes for joint marketing activities

By: Joseph Orina The Meru National Polytechnic (MNP) is a government institution under the Ministry of Education (MoE) Kenya, with a core mandate to provide Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). Currently, the World Bank is financing the establishment and implementation of an East Africa Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP), which […]