Automotive Department Trainers Conduct Industry Experience Sharing Visit

Automotive Department Trainers Conduct Industry Experience Sharing Visit

By Amanuel Endris

Trainers from Automotive Department of Kombolcha Polytechnic College visited selected automotive industries for learning and experience sharing. According to the Visit Team leader the purpose of the visiting tour was to help trainers get exposure to dynamism in the world of work to help them understand the practical application of knowledge and skills needed in the contemporary world of industry and labour market.

The visit that lasted for a week in Addis Ababa, from 6th to 12th March 2022, included 13 team members and addressed four industries, two of which have (MOENCO Ethiopia and Belayab Motors) are already in partnership with the college and are members of the College Industry Advisory Board. The other two industries (Anbesa City Bus Service Enterprise and Productivity Improvement Centre of Excellence) were new, and it was an opportunity to learn and  share experiences.

Staff from Kombolcha Polytechnic College during a visit at one of the automative industries in Addis Ababa
















Participants were excited by what they observed during the visit. They said that they learnt a lot which might contribute enabled them gain mor knowledge and skills in the development of their profession.

They also noted that the experience sharing would help them fit the rapidly changing world. Besides, participant trainers asserted that they shared valuable experience that would be vital and useful for curriculum reviewing, designing industry-oriented training programs and preparing appropriate training materials.

Moreover, the experience sharing visit provided the college with opportunities in widening partnership linkage potentials with industries.

Representatives of the industries expressed their warm admiration for the professionalism and courtesy demonstrated by the visiting team members, and they showed willingness to work in collaboration with the college.

The Writer is the Public Relations Specialist at Kombolcha Polytechnic College




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