Tutors from federal TVET Institute in staff exchange at Arusha Technical College

Tutors from federal TVET Institute in staff exchange at Arusha Technical College

By Getachew Mamo

The Federal TVET institute in Ethiopia has begun implementing staff exchange programmes with Arusha Technical College (ATC) in Tanzania. According to the schedule arranged in collaboration with ATC, the first week of the program was assigned for practicing the Master CAM software. On this session each group (both Mechanical department Teachers and graduating class students) were participating on the lecture and information provided by our colleagues that includes sketching, modelling, animation, NC Code generation and transferring information to CNC machine. This session was smooth and everybody participated actively. Ato Ayalew Sahle, the Team Leader monitored and documented the group’s progress.

 Solid Work Software Practice

Based on the plan, the second week of the program was assigned for practicing and exchange information about the Solid work software and it was also good. We have tried to share the experience acquired and learn from the experience they have concerning the field.

CNC Lathe and CNC Milling programming & operation

Following the first two-week activities, the next activity was about CNC Milling programming and operation and CNC Lathe programming & operation. Due to the time constraints, the two activities were conducted at the same time. It was also a good opportunity to learn the new programming of CNC machines. The assigned trainer from ATC gave us the orientation how to write the program and how to operate the machines at the same time we were practicing the machine operation for CNC lathe and CNC milling.

Other than the teachers exchange program activities, the team reviewed FTI manufacturing technology department curriculum versus the curriculum of ATC mechanical engineering department, to harmonize the curriculum for the two institutions. This is due to, as of next month, it has been decided to start the short term and long-term enrolment of students at all RFTIs.

The writer is a TVET Specialist at Federal TVET Institute

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