KENGEN Geothermal Training Centre pushes for healthy cooperation with Academia

KENGEN Geothermal Training Centre pushes for healthy cooperation with Academia

KenGen recognizes that networking and linkages with institutions of higher learning is one of the ways in which innovation is driven through research and development activities. The foundation of KenGen’s strategy lies in Organizational Growth with a focus on innovation and continuous improvement.

It is, therefore, with this vision that KenGen’s Geothermal Training Centre (GTC) has endeavored to work to expand our research activities and innovative initiatives through development of linkages with various learning institutions and energy sector industry players.

Participants at Geothermal Technology workshop at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology 

While KenGen has its core business to explore, develop and generate clean, green, affordable electric power in an environmentally sustainable manner, it remains desirous to establish a foundation for meaningful partnership with like-minded academic institutions and industry players that would facilitate research and development, training in geothermal and other renewable energy sources. KenGen’s focus is on fundamental and problem-solving research, with an eye to those complex global challenges where precision in research and innovativeness can make a real difference. To this end, KenGen GTC has identified and approached institutions that have a common interest in training, research, technology development and transfer as far as Geothermal and other renewable energy sources and development is concerned.

Participants at the KenGen-UNU-GTP Annual Geothermal Technology short course

Most of these institutions are local, with a few international considerations made too. Locally, we have established contacts with seven (7) academic institutions. All the seven (7) institutions are mandated to carry out training, research and innovation in the fields of science, business and technology. This include Kabarak University, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Kabete Technical Institute, Naivasha Technical Institute, Rift Valley Technical Institute of Science and Technology, Narok Vocational Training Centre and Maiella Vocational Training Centre. We, intend to enter into, and develop cooperation agreements with respective institutions for the mutual benefits of undertaking research and innovation initiatives jointly.


On the International front, KenGen PLC has established partnerships with various academic institutions. This has greatly contributed to capacity building of staff through joint programs and offering scholarships e.g. UNU-GTP Post graduate Diploma and Master of Science Programmes offered in Iceland, Masters and PhD programmes at University of Twente in Netherlands and Master of Science Courses at Kyushu University in Japan. Having quite enormously benefitted on the International front, we, find it prudent to expand our network of cooperation to optimize opportunities that arise from affiliation and joint initiatives with diverse partners.

These initiatives are coincidentally in line with the requirements of the EASTRIP. Two (2) of the EASTRIP activities; Institutionalizing of linkages with academic institutions/industry and outreaching and support for non-project national TVET requires that we establish linkages with other industries and academic institutions. Establishing cooperation agreement with the proposed learning institutions will, therefore, enable KenGen GTC achieve its set objectives under EASTRIP. The network is aimed at not only enhancing development of geothermal and other renewable energy sources but also develop collaborative educational and research activities that will ultimately grow the institutions to leading international knowledge hubs in the technical and scientific disciplines.

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