Successful Staff Exchange Program Enhances Teaching Capacity at Dire Dawa Polytechnic College 

Successful Staff Exchange Program Enhances Teaching Capacity at Dire Dawa Polytechnic College 

The staff exchange program is an essential for teaching staff to build their skills by participating in attachment at TVET institutes in other countries in the region.  

Over the past three years, Dire Dawa Polytechnic College (DDPTC) has successfully implemented a staff exchange program with the National Institute of Transport (NIT) in Tanzania.  

This year, the polytechnic college sent 10 teaching staff members to NIT for a month-long exchange, resulting in significant gains in experience and knowledge for the teachers. 

During their stay at NIT, the teachers from DDDPTC provided valuable training to students while the NIT staff members reciprocated by offering short-term training to the DDPTC teachers.  

Teaching Staff from Dire Dawa Polytechnic College that participated in the staff exchange programme at National Institute of Transport in Tanzania share their experiences. 

Upon their return to DDPTC, the teachers organized and shared the experiences they had gained with the College’s management members, the Industry Advisory Board, and other academic and administrative staff. This exchange of staff experiences was crucial for enhancing the collective knowledge and expertise within the college community. 

In addition to sending staff to NIT, DDPTC also received three staff members from NIT as part of the staff exchange program. This reciprocal arrangement allowed for the mutual sharing of experiences, knowledge, and skills, while also promoting regional integration. The presence of NIT staff members at DDPTC further enriched the learning and collaborative environment within the college. 

Staff from National Institute of Transport (NIT) in Tanzania at Dire Dawa Polytechnic College in Ethiopia 

Overall, the staff exchange program between DDPTC and NIT has been beneficial in facilitating the transfer of expertise, fostering interinstitutional collaboration, and nurturing regional integration. Through this program, both institutions have strengthened their teaching staff, leading to enhanced educational quality and professional growth for all involved. 

By Mesay Tilahun, the Ag. Project Coordinator for EASTRIP at Dire Dawa Polytechnic College. 

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