China-EASTRIP Scholarship Winners speak out

China-EASTRIP Scholarship Winners speak out

The IUCEA, the EASTRIP Regional Facilitation, together with the World Bank, signed a cooperation agreement with the the People’s Republic of China to offer scholarships to lecturers from Regional Flagship TVET Institutes (RFTIs) to upgrade their qualification to support advancement of TVET in East Africa. The China-EASTRIP TVET scholarship commenced in the 2020/2021 academic year with 20 scholarships awarded to lecturers from Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. Below we profile scholarship winners and their testimonies.


Abdulkerim Mohammed Aman, PhD in Highway and Railway Engineering, Beihang University

I am delighted to get the China-EASTRIP TVET Scholarship. The Scholarship will give me an opportunity to use my skills and experience to contribute to the development of efficient and effective transportation systems and railways in Ethiopia.” Ethiopia is a country without advance infrastructure. However with the increasing rate of population growth, the need for efficient transport systems cannot be overemphasized. After graduating with my PhD, will establish the Africa Railway Institute to contribute to teaching & research. I will be the researcher to develop Africa skills in the growing economy sector especially on Railway Transport Operation.

Addishiwot Alemu, Ph.D. in Transport Planning and Management, Central South University

I don’t have enough words to express the joy I felt when I found out that I had been chosen for China-EASTRIP TVET scholarship. The Scholarship will give me an opportunity to play my part as a teacher and researcher in order to produce competent and quality TVET students who will help my country succeed in the transport sector.

Merso Eshetu Abera, PhD, Transportation Engineering, Beinjing University of Technology

In my country Ethiopia there is high demand for skills in my field of study which is Transportation Engineering. Traffic congestion due to poorly designed transportation systems makes it difficult to carry out certain day to day activities. So, studying helps to alleviate these problems and to ensure the country’s transportation service. The scholarship has also given me an opportunity to share culture, knowledge, and experience with other scholars.

Geberemichael Betemariam Limenewu, Master’s Degree in Textile Engineering, Donghua University 

TVET is viewed as a tool for enhancing productivity, reducing poverty and decreasing youth unemployment in the county. The China-EASTRIP TVET Scholarship will increase the availability of skilled and competent trainers for industries, thereby strengthening economic development of my country Ethiopia. The scholarship will also help to improve the quality of TVET programmes offered in my country. It gives me an opportunity to begin my journey to realise quality education, enhance my technical competence and contribute towards development of TVET in East Africa.

Tsegaye Meron Debrework, Master’s Degree in Fashion Design, Dallan Polytechnic University

The China-EASTRIP TVET Scholarship will help to gain additional skills and knowledge to contribute to the economic development of y country Ethiopia. I will use the knowledge and skills acquired to share new innovations, ideas, and knowledge transfer to students to enhance the development of TVET sector in my country.

Abbabba Hirpha Ketema, PhD, Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction, Najing Agricultural, University.

For me, the China-EASTRIP TVET Scholarship opportunity is a dream come true to study PhD in a developed country. I will use my skills and experience to contribute to the mechanisation of African Agriculture to improve our people’s agricultural production system. After I complete my studies I hope to continue teaching TVET courses that will enhance farmer production systems with special emphasis on milk production.


Martin Mulwa, Masters in Maritime Engineering at Harbin Engineering University

I would like thank the World Bank through EASTRIP for granting me the opportunity to pursue my masters’ The scholarship will give me the necessary exposure by interacting with other students from all over the world and exchange ideas. It will enable my institution to utilize my skills in increasing access to quality training in the field of marine engineering.

Mwangi Shivira Wanja, Masters in Pedagogy at Jiangsu University

Since being named one of the recipients of the EASRIP Scholarship, my dream became reality. The Scholarship gives me an opportunity to learn new skills that will serve the TVET community. I will use the scholarship to earn credentials in the public service, which requires special training and coursework.  Once again, thank you for the vote of confidence in the TVET scholarship.  I am committed to my education and to the improvement of the TVET institutions.

Stephen Ogola Oduor, Masters in Civil Engineering at Tianjin University

The China-EASTRIP TVET Scholarship has helped me achieve my lifelong dream of acquiring a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering. The scholarship will help learn new skills that will improve the profile of my institution and other TVET institutions in Kenya. Furthermore, this is an opportunity to give the acquired knowledge and skills back to the community upon my graduation. I promise to be committed to my studies.


Neema Ufurahi Pambe, Masters Of Materials Science and Engineering (2020-2022) At Tsinghua University

Growing up, I always aspired to be a valuable asset in my beautiful country Tanzania. I aspire to be one of the experts in materials and quality control, but did not have means to achieve my goal. Through the China- EASTRIP TEVT scholarship, I am currently on the way to accomplish my goal of becoming a Material Engineer. I am honored and grateful to receive such an amazing opportunity and I promise to work hard on it.  After successful completion of my studies, I expect to contribute to building an Industrial Economy in line with the government plan for 2025.

Method Msombe, PhD Logistics and Economics, Chang’an University

I am honoured to be part of the China-EASTRIP TVET scholarship. I expect to learn diverse courses focusing on logistics and economics. The skills and knowledge acquired will help me to develop technical competences and critical thinking that will be beneficial to my Institute. The new skills will help me to contribute to contribute to reducing the existing skills gap in the transport and logistics sector.

Mzee Rehema Suleiman

I am so very grateful for the opportunity get the China-EASTRIP TVET Scholarship.  I hope to become a specialized lecturer in logistics engineering and management. I will use my skills and knowledge to contribute to the growth of my institution and increase student enrolment in TVET courses thus contributing to the economic development of my home country, Tanzania.

Majuto Elias Mtiliko, Masters in Electrical Engineering at Jiangsu University

I am expecting a huge change in my academic and professional carrier. Having graduated my Masters degree I will spend much of my time to provide service at my College, country and community. Teaching will give me a chance to share knowledge, experience and skills I have gained, and further create competent and ambitious professionals who will bring change to our country.

Asha Juma Mohamed, PhD in Optical Engineering

The China-EASTRIP TVET Scholarship is a great opportunity for me to build my academic knowledge, skills and capacity. This will help me to transfer knowledge and skills to students and improve the quality of our technical education. I will contribute to increasing the number of professionals in Optical Engineering for solving related problems in our region. I will also use the acquired knowledge and skills to undertake many projects in ICT to help the Institute achieve its mission and vision.

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