Women in Engineering: Neema Nkya, a former mechanical engineering student at NIT excels in her profession

Women in Engineering: Neema Nkya, a former mechanical engineering student at NIT excels in her profession

It’s no secret: Engineering is not just a man’s World; Neema Nkya is an inspirational mechanical engineer who graduated at National Institute of Transport (NIT) in 2016 and is currently working with Gas Entec Co Ltd, the firm that implementing the construction of MV Mwanza project. Neema is proudly part of the movement to raise the profile of women in engineering and to inspire future generations. She spoke to NIT’s Prosper Makene in a Question and Answer (Q&A) interview. Below are the excerpts.

What did you study at National Institute of Transport (NIT)?

I studied Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from 2016 to 2019 where I graduated as an engineer with flying colours.

Why did you choose Mechanical Engineering as your career path of study?

I found it very interesting with wide range of study, a field that many women are afraid of but I choose to be among those few who see it in a different way.

NIT Rector, Prof. Zacharia Mganilwa (M) with NIT Mechanical Engineer graduates works with Gas Entec Co Ltd

What inspired you about Mechanical Engineering?

I was inspired by its wide range of study that it contain a lot of things in it that I can fit in alot of fields and also mechanical gives a lot of opportunities either if I decide to be employed or employ myself.

What challenges do women face in the Mechanical Engineering profession?
I must admit that mechanical engineering is not an easy field so sometimes we face difficulties during work because sometimes it requires a lot of energy and for a woman is not that easy. So are challenges like that but in other way when telling anyone that I studied mechanical they wonder how I managed to study it.

What is the most exciting thing about your job?

As I am working at MV Mwanza project which is the first ferry to be build in our nation so its a new experience having a lot of new things to learn and I would like to participate on other ship building projects which will be held in our country.

What does a typical day in your job involve?

I work as pipe and outfitting engineer so I deal with pipe drawing interpretation and installation.

What kind of impact would bring you great satisfaction in your work?
The piping knowledge I acquired.

What are your hopes for the future of Mechanical Engineering?

I encourage them to study it and put their efforts on it as is the most interesting field and enjoyable because of its existing parts include in it,  it has a wide range of studies and also when comes to work there is a lot of places that a mechanical engineer can fit.

What would you advise to girls in primary and secondary schools who may be considering Engineering as a career choice?

To study hard and being smart on their studies and also they should not  let other outside people to fade or kill their ambition of becoming future engineers also parents should encourage their children to study what they want and support them to achieve what they want.

What is the ratio of female to male in your workplace?

The ratio of female to male in my workplace is 5:210

What is your advice to the National Institute of Transport (NIT) in increasing women enrolment in engineering courses?

My advice to the National Institute of Transport is to support female by increasing their enrolment and make sure they deal with every challenge and obstacles that are facing them.

NIT should provide good facilities for the female students to attract them choose engineering courses. The Institute must also advising female students in secondary schools that mechanical is not that hard as they are thinking.

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