Subira Mwakyoma inspiring the next generation of aircraft engineers

Subira Mwakyoma inspiring the next generation of aircraft engineers

Some of the most successful engineers who worked in the field of aircraft engineering came from all walks of life, focused on getting an education and took the necessary steps to build a career path that helped them make an impact in the industry. Ms Subira Mwakyoma, a former student from National Institute of Transport (NIT), who is now working with Air Tanzania as an aircraft engineer, spoke to our Staff Writer Prosper Makene in a Question and Answer (Q&A) interview. Below are the excerpts.

Q: When did you discover you wanted to be an Aircraft engineer?

A: I didn’t have a dream of being an aircraft engineer, my dream at a time when I grew up was to be a pilot, a career that was totally in my mind during my childhood. I failed to join pilot studies due to the high cost, since such courses are offered outside the country. After finishing high school studies, it was when I realized that aircraft engineering is also a very good course. That’s where I went to the National Institute of Transport (NIT) and asked to join the three years bachelors’ degree programme.

Subira at work at Air Tanzania service station.

Q: Where did your career take you?

A: The aircraft maintenance engineering course that I took at National Institute of Transport has made me easily join Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL), the national airline as an aviation engineer.

Q: What do you like about your job today?

A: What I love about my job is to work with safety first, as an engineer it is my responsibility to work more carefully to ensure the plane is safe for passengers.

Q: How successful are you in aircraft engineering?

A: Aircraft engineering course has given me a very strong connection with many people in this industry locally and abroad. Thank God that I met with senior engineers and develop the skills for success. The programme has also enhanced my skills.


Subira at work at Air Tanzania service station

Q: The Aviation industry is more gender-balanced in Tanzania and paves the way for a great career option for women. What is your advice to the National Institute of Transport (NIT) in increasing women enrolling in aviation?

A: I’m advising the National Institute of Transport to provide priorities to women when enrolling students to aviation engineering courses where female students are very few compared to males. Enrolling more female students to aviation engineering will impart knowledge to female students hence dispelling the notion that this profession is not only for masculine but for all.

The Writer works with National Institute of Transport, Tanzania Communications Department.


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