NIT in partnership with Colleges in Kenya to facilitate staff and student exchange

NIT in partnership with Colleges in Kenya to facilitate staff and student exchange

By Prosper Makene

The National Institute of Transport (NIT) has signed Memorandum of Understanding with two Kenyan Colleges. The aim of these MoUs are to collaborate in academic exchange programmes, research activities, curricula development and capacity building.

The two (2) Kenyan Colleges that signed collaborative agreements with NIT include Kenya Aeronautical College (KAC) located at Wilson Airport in Nairobi and Kenya Coast National Polytechnic College (KCNP) located in Mombasa.

NIT Rector, Eng. Prof. Zacharia Mganilwa said that the MoUs are part of fulfilling the objectives of the East Africa Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP).

“The MoU that we have signed between the two Institutes will have an academic exchange programme for lecturers and students as per EASTRIP project goals,” he said.

“Kenya Coast National Polytechnic’s academic staff and students will have an opportunity to come for maritime courses in Tanzania and NIT staff and students will also do the same in Kenya,” he added.

NIT offers diploma courses in Ship Building and Repair, Shipping and Port Logistics Operations and the Bachelors’ Degree in Shipping and Port Logistics Management. “We are currently in the process of accrediting the Bachelors’ Degree in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture.,” Prof Mganilwa said.

On other benefits that will be apparent to the two parties, Prof Mganilwa said, “We have agreed that KCNP will assist to promote admission of Kenyan students at NIT while we also do the same.”

The MoU with Kenya Aeronautical College (KAC) will strengthen academic exchange programmes for aviation programmes.

“With this collaboration both institutions will be able to improve the quality of training offered at the respective sites. Furthermore, the collaboration will assist our Centre of Excellence in Aviation and Transport Operations (CEATO) to achieve its goals through EASTRIP,” he said.

“KAC are offering pilot courses and a number of aviation programmes, therefore the MoU with Kenya Aeronautical College will be of great value to our Institute which is currently preparing to start offering pilot courses,” he elaborated.

Lecturers from Kenya Aeronautical College will also come at NIT to provide their expertise on the aviation industry. “Our academic staff will also go to the Kenyan college for the exchange programme as well in the spirit of sharing experiences.”

The Writer works with NIT Communications Department

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