NIT graduate shares the secret behind his success in transport and logistics Manager

NIT graduate shares the secret behind his success in transport and logistics Manager

National Institute of Transport (NIT) former student AJUAYE MSESE has had a successful career in transport and logistics. Msese who is now working with Simba Supply Chain Solution (SSCS) as a General Manager, spoke to our Staff Writer PROSPER MAKENE in a Question and Answer.

(Q&A) interview. Below are the excerpts.

Q: What did you study at NIT and any comment for the programme you took?

I did an MBA in Transport and Logistics Management. It was a joint programme between NIT and Open University of Tanzania (OUT). NIT trained in the area of Logistics courses and OUT dealt with Business courses

Q: When did you discover you wanted to be a professional in transport and logistics?

I started working in the logistic sector as an intern in year 2000. Since then, I got a motivation to develop myself to be professional in the industry.

Q: Explain abilities that are required for being successful in your role?

In logistics, you need to be able to understand the total supply chain. The dynamics in the sector is so high, thus one need to be able to act upon any changes in the sector. One needs to be able to foresee the direction and trend of Global Supply chain to align with the organizational activities and plan

Q: What would you recommend to other professionals in the logistics sector who are currently considering graduating from NIT?

There is more opportunity studying logistics. In every aspect of life there is transport/logistics aspect on it. The prospective graduates need to know that they can utilize the knowledge gained from school to generate their own pass. Joining together would enable them to create selves employment and run their lives.

Q: How logistics and transport education prepared your career?

To act professional need to gain right and reliable knowledge. Working in the transport and logistics sector, need someone to be equipped with relevant and reliable skills. It is not hundred percent from school but a basic shall be established from learning institution like NIT. In this regard, I can admit that the knowledge gained from NIT helped a lot to manage my day to day activity in my career and am proud of it.

Ajuaye Msese interacts with colleagues at work

Q: Who supported you to become who you are today?

Many supported me. First is Almighty Allah. We human being put effort but needs to get endorsement from Allah to reach a success. To mention one person who is my role model I can easily mention Hon. Athumani Janguo who worked with with Tanzania Railways Corporation and Tanzania Ports Authority (former THA) as a DG with a lot of success. He mentored me and I consider as a hero to make me who I am.

Q: What are your long-range objectives?

Operating a strong logistics firm that will give the young stars opportunity to work, train and imitate

Q: If I were to ask your colleagues to describe you, what would they say?

Personable, firm on issues, compassionate

Q: If you had to live your life again what would you change?

Serving my parents better. I am feeling like I could start taking care of them while I was in Primary school.

The Writer works with the Communication Department at NIT


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