My passion for repairing home electrical and electronic appliances inspired me to pursue a career in TVET

My passion for repairing home electrical and electronic appliances inspired me to pursue a career in TVET

Mesert Fenta Beidego is a 20-year old 1st year (Level 1) student of electrical and electronics course at General Wingate Polytechnic College (GWPTC). Jemal Hassen, the EASTRIP Project Coordinator and Lemessa Demie, the  Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist at General Wingate Polytechnic College talked to her. Below are the excerpts:

What was your motivation to join General Wingate Polytechnic College?

Initially, I was not aware about the College, but I developed interest in Electrical and Electronics courses and I felt that if I joined General Wingate Polytechnic College, I would get the required training to become competent in my profession. My second motivation was that I liked to visit electronics and electrical shops. I would do simple repair and maintenance of electric utensils in home and that way I developed an interest and I believed that if I joined a polytechnic college, I would be happy and successful.

What has been your experience since you joined Gen Wingate?

I have developed confidence and more interest in electronics. I have understood the fundamental concept of electrical fields and the names of key electrical equipment, their uses, and how to prevent them from damage. However, I would have gained experience and more confidence if I had been attached to the industry.

What is your impression of the existing facilities and trainers?

We have good teachers and facilities.  Our teachers give us morale and motivation and particularly to female students. We have materials for practical trainings, but some are not functional and needs maintenance or replacement. We were told about industry attachment for practical/ placement training. However, this has not been possible due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Mesert Fenta Beidego during the Interview at General Wingate Polytechnic.

There is still a small number of females enrolling for TVET courses. What could be the reason?

I believe that most females fear to join electrical and electronic courses because they feel they cannot make it and they assume that the field is for males. The perception of people towards females joining electrical and electronics in general is not respectable and so it requires raising awareness to the perception. Despite the stigma, I am happy, and I believe that I am not any less of my fellow male students.

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