Liberian Student Pursues Cabin Crew Training in Tanzania with Dreams of Making Positive Impact in African Aviation Industry

Liberian Student Pursues Cabin Crew Training in Tanzania with Dreams of Making Positive Impact in African Aviation Industry

The National Institute of Transport (NIT) has received a student from Republic of Liberia undertaking Cabin Crew Initial course. Speaking during an interview with Mr. George Bartuah as an international student at the Institute, he shared his plans after completing studies and other interesting stories about the training.

Why have you chosen to study at NIT?

I have chosen NIT for several reasons first; I carried out extensive research into the institute through the website and social media.  I have been tracking achievement records and the support offered to national and international students. During my research everything pointed to this positive supportive encouraged me to learn about the leadership, qualifications of staff and learning environment.   I was convinced myself that NIT is the best place for me to under the cabin crew training.

Since there are limited Institute in African countries offering the cabin crew training, I believe to the depth of knowledge my gain will not only be useful to Liberian citizens but also to the entire World.  Many countries have invested in air transport but the most challenging issue the shortage of manpower especially the cabin crew. I think NIT in this region has capacity to train and impart required knowledge that will serve the purpose.

Before I joined NIT, my friends in Uganda had ideas about NIT and recommended me to undertake the training at NIT due to number of reasons: (a) qualifications of teachers and teaching modality, which is students-teacher learning base (b) Learning environment from classrooms and teaching manuals which are UpToDate (c) Friendliness of teachers and students in the campus.

Their recommendations and my research make it evident that the institute genuinely cares about the progress and development of the students. I want to spend my time in a positive environment where I will be given every opportunity to succeed.

Finally, I have chosen NIT because I believe my long-term career goal can only be achieved if my time at NIT is not only highly productive but also the standards considered in the Aviation industry where I want to work.  NIT is the only place I want to study, and I give you my assurances that I will be a positive role model and ambassador.

How did you decide to study in Tanzania?

Honestly, it was not an easy decision. The decision to study in another country by searching through internet and recommendation from friends was a toughest decision. Although many great countries caught my interest, Tanzania particularly NIT caught my eye and I said to myself this is what I have been looking for. I was mainly looking for a country with an interesting history, a diverse population and where I could experience a lot. And that was when I focused on looking for training Institute/college that would be a good fit for me academically and socially. NIT came out on top of the list because of what they offer and ‘ that’s how I ended up here.

Why do you want to be a Cabin Crew?

I know that most people want a career in aviation due to the desire to travel the World and have a fulfilling life in which no other day is the same as the next one. To be honest, I want to become a cabin crew member for different reasons. The first reason is the level of responsibility that comes with the role; I enjoy challenges, I like learning new things, and I particularly enjoy helping people and making a positive difference in their daily lives. As a Cabin Crew, you are the face of the airline, and you get to make a difference to everyone you meet. I also want to become a Cabin Crew because I will get to work with so many different people throughout my career and experience different cultures. This means I will have to use different skills to contribute to the team each time I fly, and I will get to learn new things and gain different experiences because I will be working with a truly diverse team of people who all have a common goal. Finally, I want to be Cabin Crew because I will feel immensely proud to wear the uniform, to be a part of one of the most impressive airlines, and to do a job that I am confident I will really love doing.

What is your strength in the course you have decided to study?

My strengths include my awareness of safety, my ability to follow strict rules and procedures, the fact I have a good understanding of how to provide exceptional customer service and how this impacts your airline, and my ability to work with others as part of a team. As a Cabin crew, my priority will always be the safety and comfort of the passengers, and to achieve that goal, I will need to take on board lots of safety training and apply the relevant rules and procedures each day at work and that is why I am here at NIT.

In ten years, where would you like to be living, and what would you like to be doing?

Ten years from now, I want to be a pilot and fly with Air Tanzania. I will tell you why Air Tanzania because flying with this company in Tanzania is my biggest dream. For this reason, I haven’t decided exactly where I will be. I plan on using the knowledge I will gain from NIT and any work experience that I will have to figure out where I can have the most positive impact and start there.

What advice would you give to others who are interested in becoming Cabin Crew?

Well, being a Cabin Crew is one of the best decisions anyone can make. It will come with a lot of benefits and opportunities, but mostly when you get the right training at the right institution, of which I am in one of the right institutions. I believe I will get where I want in my career. So, whoever has the dream or wishes to become a Cabin Crew or to involve themselves in the Aviation Industry should stop at nothing but go after what they believe and make it happen.

By Victoria Olesaitabau, Public Relations Officer, National Institute of Transport

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