KIHBT in Partnership with Industry stakeholders and County governments to develop short program courses in Highways Technology

KIHBT in Partnership with Industry stakeholders and County governments to develop short program courses in Highways Technology

By Beatrice Njenga

The Kenya Institute of Highway and Building Technology (KIHBT) in partnership with industry stakeholders such and Transport Division, Taita Taveta County and Laikipia County government embarked on review and accreditation of short programs in the Highway Infrastructure Technology.

Two workshops on development of Competency Based Curricula of the following six programmes were conducted:

  1. Performance Based Road Maintenance Contract
  2. Low Volume Sealed Roads Technology Course
  3. Cobblestone Technology Course
  4. Plant Operator Course
  5. Driver Training
  6. Contract Management and Administration (New)

DACUM charts and Task Analysis tools have been developed and as per the road map. During the next workshop the team is expected to develop the respective Curriculum and Assessment tools for the courses. The documents developed shall be presented to TVET-CDACC for accreditation by mid-October,2021

Curriculum development workshop at KIHBT

Industry partnerships

KIHBT and Pan African Equipment Group are working on signing a Corporation Agreement whereby both parties will collaborate jointly to facilitate a program that will provide mutual linkage which will guarantee acquisition of adequate skills and competences as required by the Competence Based Education Training. The skills gained will be applied by students after qualifying and in the process meet the labor market requirements and demands. This initiative will also ensure that KIHBT continues to stay abreast with technological advancement that will lead to giving students, instructors, and the institution a competitive edge in the roads/ highway sector.

The partnership aims at promoting skills, technical training, and capacity Building. The joint activity shall maximize opportunities for training and capacity development for contractors and construction personnel using Purecrete Road Base Systems Technology to demonstrate adherence thought to recognized standards of quality assurance and industry collaborations. Six trainers of our trainers have been attached to one of their ongoing projects.

Stakeholders Engagement

KIHBT held a stakeholders’ engagement with Roads Agencies in the Roads/Highways sector along with SME’s training in the Coastal region in February,2021

Pedagogical and Andragogical Training of staff

KIHBT Trainers in civil and mechanical departments are at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) for capacity building in Pedagogical and andragogical skills. The training started on 23rd August,2021 to be completed on 28th August,2021

The Writer is a Communicator Officer at KIHBT


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