KIHBT and General Wingate Polytechnic College (GWPTC) to facilitate Staff Exchange Programs

KIHBT and General Wingate Polytechnic College (GWPTC) to facilitate Staff Exchange Programs

By Beatrice Njenga

KIHBT has signed a Cooperation Agreement with General Wingate Polytechnic College (GWPTC) and one of the areas of collaboration is staff and student exchange. The two institutes are both beneficiaries of the EASTRIP project. KIHBT and GWPTC are in talks regarding staff exchange which should be implemented in the coming month.

General Wingate Polytechnic College visited KIHBT to engage in a knowledge and experience sharing forum and signed a Cooperation Agreement. The following are the areas of collaboration:

  • Carrying out the exchange of staff, interns, and students in teaching/leading and/or cooperative applied research in academic fields of mutual interest.
  • Exploring attachment opportunities for students from KIHBT and GWPTC.
  • Engaging in mutual visits, common development of applied research projects in addition to joint lectures, courses, seminars, conferences, excursions and practical work, benchmarking, laboratory setup as well as providing media access to the facilities of both partners.
  • Cooperating in the formulation of demand-driven programs, curricula, course structure and appropriate academic materials.
  • Participating in academic meetings and seminars to share experience and best practices.
  • Participating in the exchange of publications for scientific, teaching and information purposes.
  • Cooperating in establishment and teaching of short professional courses for KIHBT and GWPTC staff and students.
  • Conducting collaborative applied research, lectures, and symposiums
  • Participating in the supervision and co-supervision of ordinary Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, and PhD degree students as the case may apply.
  • Collaborating in technology transfer and consultancy services.
  • Participating in the development of incubators and development of small and medium businesses in areas of mutual interest.
  • Conducting joint applications for funding for collaborative projects from relevant funding agencies.
Director, KIHBT, Eng. Nabende (left) and the Dean-GWPTC, (Right) signing a Cooperation Agreement

During the tour of KIHBT’s facility a demonstration of the road construction simulator plant was exhibited. The simulator was purchased under Upgrading key training facilities and equipment’s component which is aimed at increasing student enrolment into the plant operator course.

The captioned is a Low Volume Seal Road whose construction is Labour based. This road was constructed by KIHBT’s students as part of practical training.

Tour of KIHBT’s training roads by GWPTC

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