KHIBT trains staff on how to conduct e-learning

KHIBT trains staff on how to conduct e-learning

By Beatrice Njenga

The Institute’s staff have undergone training on how to conduct e-learning. The Course syllabus has been digitized and submitted to the Academics department awaiting the platform to be rolled out.

KHIBT staff undergoing training on use of e-Learning in the delivery of TVET Programmes

Encouraging female participation in TVET courses

KIHBT has appointed a gender committee whose overall role is to develop, implement, monitor and periodically evaluate the gender action plan. Among the initiatives the committee has been undertaking is Implementation of affirmative action policies to increase female enrollment which are:

  1. lowering the admission cut-off points
  2. providing remedial courses or bridging courses for females to fill the gap in meeting the course requirements
  • targeting scholarships for female students only

Having the above in place we hope to have an increase in female enrollment in the subsequent intakes.

The Writer is a communication officer at Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology


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