KenGen Geothermal Training Center and Arusha Technical College in Tanzania begin Implementing Strategic Partnership

KenGen Geothermal Training Center and Arusha Technical College in Tanzania begin Implementing Strategic Partnership

By Anne Sunkuyia

KenGen GTC and Arusha Technical College of Tanzania recently signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement to synergize on areas of mutual interest that would enable both institutes attain the results of the EASTRIP Project.

EASTRIP facilitates regional integration by providing a regional platform to promote the exchange of policies and practices, students and faculty mobility, and harmonization of occupational standards and qualifications.

The Arusha Technical College Deputy Rector Academic, Research and Consultancy Dr. Yusuph B. Mhando (on the right) and KenGen GTC staff, Ms. Rose Kubai (on the left) display Framework of Cooperation

As a result of a Research Framework of Cooperation (FOC) Agreement between the two institutions that was signed on 19th October 2022, KenGen GTC hosted delegates from Arusha Technical College of Tanzania on1st February 2023. The purpose of this visit was to operationalize the agreement by discussing activities that will be part of a workplan of the FOC onward implementation.

This collaboration will enhance training in education, academic and research partnerships in Technical Education and Engineering, Staff exchange and students exchange programme to strengthen their national technology acquisition, transfer and application mechanisms in selected stakeholders and identified sectors of the respective national economies subject to the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania and the Republic of Kenya.

Both institutions have common interest in training, innovation, research, technology development and technology transfer in so far as energy resources and development are concerned. This framework of cooperation will, therefore, ensure that the students upon completion of the programs or courses are sufficiently trained and job ready to join the market.

The Arusha Technical College Rector, Dr. Musa Chacha affirmed that the collaboration would foster a global perspective and embody commitments to build bridges and networks with high quality institutions like KenGen -GTC. ‘‘The major aim of this cooperation is to improve the quality of skilled technical graduates from both institutions to meet labour market needs as well as enhancing quality and professionalism through outstanding academic programs’’, said Dr. Chacha.

He further added that ATC’s primary areas of collaboration are sharing of resources, exchange of information, transfer of technology, and dissemination of knowledge.

The Writer is a Senior Information Scientist at KenGen Geothermal Training Centre

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