Pursuing excellence: Bethel Abera’s journey to stardom at Ethiopia’s National Skills Competition

Pursuing excellence: Bethel Abera’s journey to stardom at Ethiopia’s National Skills Competition

By Biruk Kassahun
In the vibrant textiles and chemical processing sector, where innovation meets creativity, a young talent has emerged to shine on the national stage. Bethel Abera, a 20-year-old student at Hawassa Polytechnic College, has taken the industry by storm with her exceptional skills and passion.

Recently, she showcased her exceptional talent by winning the highly celebrated national skills competition held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Bethel participated at the 3rd national skills and technology competition under textile screen printing and won the gold medal. She was also awarded Birr100,000.00 (USD1,834) from the Ministry of Labour and Skills.

From a tender age, Bethel Abera exhibited a keen interest in fabrics, colours, and the art of transforming raw materials into stunning textiles. Growing up in a family that deeply valued craftsmanship and creativity, Bethel found herself drawn to the world of textile and chemical processing. Encouraged by her parents and fuelled by her innate curiosity, she embarked on a journey to explore this fascinating field.

Ms. Bethel Abera from Hawassa Polytechnic after winning the National Skills Competition.

Bethel’s journey to success began when she enrolled for Level IV Certificate in Textile and Chemical Processed at Hawassa Polytechnic College. The Polytechnic College is the Regional Flagship TVET Institute in Textile Technology supported by the East Africa Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP) funded by the World Bank.
Under the guidance of experienced trainers and mentors, she acquired technical knowledge and honed her skills in various aspects of textile and chemical processing.

Her relentless pursuit of excellence led her to delve deeper into the subject, expanding her understanding of the chemistry behind dyes, the mechanics of looms, and the intricacies of fabric printing.

Bethel’s remarkable talents were recently put to the ultimate test when she participated in the national skills competition, an event that brings together the most promising young minds in the country. The competition aimed to recognize outstanding individuals who possess both technical expertise and a creative flair. Bethel’s dedication, combined with her innate talent, proved to be an unbeatable combination.

During the intense competition, Bethel demonstrated her ability to meticulously analyse fabrics, select appropriate dyes, and flawlessly execute complex printing techniques that impressed judges and fellow participants. According to the judges her attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality set her apart from the rest.

Bethel’s victory at the national skills competition not only brought her well-deserved recognition but also opened doors to exciting opportunities in her field. Her talent, combined with her determination and drive, has caught the attention of industry experts and textile companies looking to harness her exceptional skills.

As Bethel moves forward, she plans to continue pushing the boundaries of textile and chemical processing. Her goal is to innovate and explore sustainable practices that can revolutionize the industry. With her unique blend of creativity and technical proficiency, Bethel aspires to make a lasting impact on Ethiopia’s textile sector, positioning the country as a global leader in textile innovation.

The Writer is the M&E Specialist at Hawassa Polytechnic in Ethiopia

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