EASTRIP-China TVET Scholarship 2023/24: Call for Applications

EASTRIP-China TVET Scholarship 2023/24: Call for Applications

The Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) is coordinating the EASTRIP China TVET Scholarship. Each year, EASTRIP, through a partnership between IUCEA, the People’s Republic of China, and the World Bank gives out 20 Post-Graduate Scholarships to lecturers and tutors from Regional Flagship TVET Institutes in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania to study technical programs at top universities in China. 
IUCEA, as the scholarship implementing agent, is calling for submission of potential candidates for the scholarship.  There are 20 Scholarships available to 16 Regional Flagship TVET Institutes. Please send to us up to 4 names of candidates to consider for the scholarship. 

IUCEA will carry out pre-selection processes to ensure balance between gender, country distribution, and programme relevance to EASTRIP Priority Areas. Please refer to the attached call for applications with guidelines of the selection criteria. Also attached roles and responsibilities of each party to the scholarship. 

Please take note of the following important dates: 

  1. Submission of recommended candidates by RFITs to IUCEA by 30th November 2022. 
  2. Preselection by IUCEA by 5th December 2022. 
  3. IUCEA to give feedback to RFTIs on preselected candidates by 10th January 2023. 
  4. Deadline for submission of application documents to the Chinese Scholarship Council Portal on 28th February 2023. 
Please follow the link below to download a call for applications.

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