1. Background Information

The World Bank is financing the establishment and implementation of an East Africa Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP), which initially involves three East African countries along the Northern Transport Corridor including Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. The Project’s development objectives are to increase the access and improve the quality of TVET programs and to support regional integration and regional economic corridors.  The objectives and results will be achieved through strengthening selected Regional Flagship TVET Institutes (RFTIs) for high quality skills development in NCIP related sectors; Capacity building for national TVET systems; and Enhancing regional collaborative capacity in TVET and project coordination. The Project is targeting the development of specialized technical skills in priority sectors including transportation, energy, agriculture processing, manufacturing, and information and communications technology.

The Inter-University Council for East Africa has been selected to be the Regional Facilitation Unit (RFU) for the Project. The RFU will be involved in the preparation and implementation of the project by carrying out the regional project activities. Hence, it will facilitate and coordinate the regional aspects of the project as the Secretariat. The RFU among others will coordinate the development and implementation of the project work plan, the Project Implementation Manual undertake monitoring and evaluation, coordinate capacity building initiatives for the selected Flagship TVET Institutes, and share good practices across countries. In order to fulfil its EASTRIP mandate, the IUCEA Secretariat as the host of the Regional Facilitation Unit of the project hereby invites applications from qualified candidates for the following positions:

Duty Station:     The Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) Kampala, Uganda.

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (Re- Advertised)

Grade: P3 (EAC Job Grade)

Job Reports to:  Project Coordinator

Job Purpose:      To prepare and implement EASTRIP activities and resources management. The job holder will ultimately be responsible and accountable for the production of quality outputs undertaken and financed under Regional Flagship TVET Institutes (RFTIs), and for proper management of accountability and reporting of the project funds, including periodic Monitoring and Evaluation reports.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide technical leadership in M& E to EASTRIP Regional Flagship TVET Institutes (RFTIs);
  • Assist the Project Coordinator to develop and implement the projects’ annual work plans and budgets;
  • Facilitate the RFTIs to monitor implementation of annual work-plans and timely address matters arising.;
  • Schedule periodic meetings with each RFTIs to establish project implementation progress and matters arising, which may need attention of the RFU and or the World Bank EASTRIP Project Team;
  • Timely preparation of relevant minutes and monitoring implementation of action plans from relevant meetings including the RSC and monthly review meeting;
  • Ensure critical records for the project are well maintained including relevant clearances from the World Bank team;
  • Track implementation of key tasks, and responses and keep the coordinator updated on the same;
  • Coordinate a jointly agreed upon schedule for implementation support mission to the RFTIs by the RFU and the World Bank team;
  • Coordinate relevant meetings with national and regional TVET agencies and stakeholders linked to the project;
  • Plan for the biannual workshops for the RFTIs and ensure RFTIs prepare timely annual work plans and procurement plans;
  • Ensure development and operationalization of a project M&E framework and effective operationalization of internal and external strategies;
  • In conjunction with the Project Coordinator, plan for and coordinate RSC meetings, and ensure that these takes place as expected;
  • Plan for the biannual workshops for the RFTIs and ensure reports on the same are prepared and disseminated to the RFTIs and facilitate knowledge management, sharing and networking among the RFTIs and other partner institutions;
  • Develop and maintain project M&E plan, based on the Project Appraisal Document (PAD), Project Implementation Manual (PIM) and overall Project Development Objective (POM);
  • Design, build and sustain an M&E system and tools, with particular focus on results as indicated in the Strategic Investment Plans (SIPs), Disbursement Linked Indicators and Results (DLIs/DLRs) and the long-term impact of the project with regard to coordination;
  • Prepare and submit periodic project reports in accordance with the project’s results framework and M&E reports, for submission to Regional Steering Committee and the World Bank;
  • Facilitate M&E planning, training and supervision of M&E activities in priority areas for all Regional Flagship TVET Institutes (RFTIs);
  • Facilitate periodic review of the Project Implementation Manual, and ensure this is updated and shared with the RFTIs as required.
  • Facilitate bi-annual RFTIs satisfaction survey of the RFU services;
  • Support in monitoring and timely execution of EASTRIP Procurement Plan and procurement activities;
  • Ensure the contacts, including emailing list, are regularly up to date and the project’s website is up to date and
  • Undertake any other functions related to the successful implementation of the project as directed by the Project Coordinator.

Key Performance Indicators

  1. Timely implementation of annual work plans. At least 70 percent of the plans are satisfactorily executed.
  2. Quarterly, Semi Annual and Annual Monitoring and Evaluation reports.
  • Satisfactory quarterly M&E reports as per the results framework.
  1. Satisfaction surveys of RFTIs conducted and report shared timely to RFU and the World Bank Project Team.
  2. Knowledge sharing meetings held.
  3. Periodic reports on substantial matters arising from specific RFTIs contribute to the Project implementation support mission’s reports and documentation.
  • Participation in joint implementation support missions with the World Bank to EASTRIP centers.
  • Reports from Internal and External communication strategies documented and shared timely.
  1. Reports on capacity building initiatives and tangible outputs of the trainings.
  2. Comprehensive reports on Disbursement Linked Indicators and Results (DLIs/DLRs) and the long-term impact of the project with regard to coordination

Minimum Job Requirements

(a)   Academic Qualifications

A minimum of Master’s Degree in fields related to economics, development studies, education related to TVET or engineering fields in the priority sectors of EASTRIP such as industries including energy, transport, manufacturing, agro processing and ICT

A Post Graduate diploma or trainings in Project Management ,Planning or Monitoring and Evaluation from a recognized institution is advantageous.

(b)  Work Experience

  1. At least 8 years working experience in project management, M&E of TVET program /or other development programs.in EASTRIP priority sectors.
  2. S/He must have served at least 5 of the 8 years at a senior position in Monitoring and Evaluation or TVET programme/project management, preferably managing training and capacity building programmes/projects management, with track record of delivering key outputs in a timely manner.
  • Monitoring and evaluation experience is a must.
  1. Familiarity with implementation of World Bank projects is an advantage.
  2. Experience with donor funded project management and reporting procedures is all

(c)   Key competencies

  1. Leadership, conceptual, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
  • Team player, who can guide and support co-workers.
  • Proactive and action oriented
  1. Knowledge of programme/project monitoring and evaluation, as well as financial management.
  2. Conversant with TVET dynamics in her/his country. Having experience in Eastern and Southern African sub-regions, and globally is more relevant.
  3. Excellent interpersonal, negotiation, communication and report writing skills.
  • Ability to dialogue with government, industry, international agencies and civil society leaders.
  • Strong IT skills
  • Ability to work in challenging multi-cultural environment.
  1. Time management, attention to detail.
  1. b) Information Communication Officer

Grade:                P1

Job Report to:    Project Coordinator

Job purpose:      The job holder will be responsible for communication and dissemination of project information including EASTRIP website management.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Ensure wide publicity of the project in all areas of significance in line with budgets and annual work-plans approved by the PIU and the World Bank;
  2. Manage the communication channels including media and any stakeholders in relation to the project brand for the component of IUCEA;
  • Appropriate dissemination of information related to the success stories of the project and ensure appropriate packaging to attract the required stakeholder;
  1. Help in development and improvement of the website of the Project with events (upcoming and completed), activities and major related partnerships at the different RFTIs;
  2. Develop and update the EASTRIP Communication Strategy of the RFU with the communications plan for the project that covers all activities that are to be covered in the project;
  3. Ensures development, operationalization and maintenance of an on-line website and portal for the EASTRIP Project, with frequent regular updates on key elements like events, partnerships etc..;
  • Manage the social media platforms for the project and making the responses accordingly;
  • Publish and disseminate/communicate evaluation information on success of RFTIs;
  1. Coordinate different communication staff of the respective Implementing Agencies on capacity building to have project information well disseminated for advocacy to different stakeholders and
  2. Undertakes any other functions related to the successful implementation of the project as may be instructed by the Project Coordinator.

Key Performance Indicators

  1. EASTRIP website well managed and maintained
  2. Communication materials developed and disseminated in a timely manner for the respective events
  • Database on project/ activities, reports and outputs maintained
  1. Updating of the Communication strategy and work-plans
  2. Appropriate project materials uploaded and edited on the website continually
  3. Project Social media platforms continually updated with timely responses to the public.

Minimum Job Requirements

  1. Academic Qualifications
  2. At least a Master’s degree in Mass Communication or related degree.
  3. Postgraduate training in ICT is an added advantage.
  4. Work Experience

At least 5 years’ of relevant experience at the national or international level in management and dissemination of communication or advocacy. Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages, good knowledge and experience in handling of web-based management systems and social media communication in an academic or research institution preferably.

  1. Key Competences
  2. Good website management skills
  3. Experience in project and information management
  • Conceptual, analytical and problem-solving skills
  1. Good interpersonal and communication skills
  2. Knowledge of ICT applications to information management and dissemination
  3. Ability to communicate with stakeholders
  • Skills to communicate through social media
  • Writing skills, effective team member, attention to details
  1. Tenure and Remuneration

The successful applicant shall serve for approximately five years or the life span of the project. A comprehensive remuneration package commensurate with the indicated Job Grades of the East African Community for Project staff and Diplomatic status shall be offered to the suitable candidates.  Additional details on these packages may be obtained from the undersigned.

  1. 5. Notification

The successful candidate shall be notified of his/her appointment by 1st July 2019

  1. Submission of Applications

The deadline for submission of applications to the IUCEA Secretariat is 15th May 2019. Application letters should be accompanied with the following documents:

  • Certified copies of the applicants degree awards (certificates and transcripts)
  • Up to date and comprehensive Curriculum Vitae;
  • A copy of Passport or any proof of nationality;
  • Names and addresses of three referees.

Applications marked “APPLICATION FOR THE POST OF ………(indicate the post applied for) in hard copy or electronic be addressed to:

The Executive Secretary

Inter-University Council for East Africa

Plot M833, Kigobe Road

Kampala, Kyambogo

P.O. Box 7110, Kampala, Uganda

Tel: +256 414 256 251/2

Fax: +256 414 342 007

E-mail: recruit@iucea.org

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