NIT on course to increase female enrolment in aviation programmes

NIT on course to increase female enrolment in aviation programmes


A recent study conducted by the Center of Excellence in Aviation and Transport Operations (CoEATO) has revealed a significant female students’ enrollment that has reached to 31%.

Dr. Nuru Kitara said that enrollment records at NIT for the academic year 2020/2021 show that a total of 4503 students were enrolled in the EASTRIP project priority courses, where 1396 among them are female students, the number which is equivalent to 31%.

Students at NIT laboratory during one of their practical sessions

“The EASTRIP project priority courses requires the minimum enrollment of 30% for female students, thus NIT has went one step ahead and now we are looking to reach 40% enrollment of female students”, said Dr. Kitara.

“Despite of the present achievement, the Institute is looking forward to increasing female students’ enrolment to 40%. This can be achieved through the execution of two strategies, which are: First, introduction of a scholarship scheme for female students to be enrolled in the aforementioned priority EASTRIP programs offered at NIT and Second, through conducting visits to secondary schools to raise awareness about the programs offered at the institute, specifically on the emphasis given to career guidance to NIT female students” Dr. Kitara elaborated.

The data was retrieved from enrolment in the following EASTRIP priority courses facilitated by CoEATO including Bachelor’s degree and Diploma program in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Bachelor degree and Diploma program Logistics and Transport Management, Bachelor degree in Road and Railway Logistics Management, Bachelor degree in Shipping and Ports Logistics Management and Diploma program in Ship Building and Repair.

Other priority courses including         Diploma program in Road and Railway Logistics Operations, Diploma program in Shipping and Ports Logistic Operations, Diploma program in Clearing and Freight Forwarding.

The writer is a marketing and communication officer at National Institute of Transport (NIT) in Tanzania


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