IUCEA conducts capacity building training for Project Managers, Communication officers and M&E Training

IUCEA conducts capacity building training for Project Managers, Communication officers and M&E Training

By Godwin Bonge Muhwezi

The Inter University Council for East Africa (IUCEA), the EASTRIP Regional Facilitation Unit, organized several capacity-building workshops for Project Coordinators, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officers, Communication Officers.

The capacity building trainings were organized as part of the EASTRIP effort to build knowledge and skills of project implementation staff for effective project implementation. The training commenced with Induction training form the 2nd round verification of Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLI) by PwC, the Independent Verification Agency contracted by the IUCEA. The training was to prepare the project teams from regional flagship institutes and the national project coordination units on the second round of project results.

PwC gave a detailed presentation on methodology for the 2nd round verification of Disbursement Linked Indicators to guide M&E Officers and Project Coordinators during the data collection process.

Project Coordinators and M&E Officers from Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania after the M&E Training.

The induction workshop was followed by a training on project management for M&E Officers and project managers from 16th to 17th, September 2021. The objective of the capacity building training was to enable project coordinators and M&E officers to gain practical skills of managing EASTRIP towards expediated successful implementation and hence achievement of project development objectives.

The training was geared towards equipping project staff with practical skills on results-based project management.  The training focused on building the capacity of key staff on: Effective project management and coordination; Monitoring and evaluation towards improving project performance; and Practical techniques of tackling actual challenges in EASTRIP Project.

The Principal, Kenya Coast National Polytechnic, Ms Anne Mbong (2nd R)Project Coordinators and Communication Officers from RFTIs after the training on enhancing visibility and marketing of TVET programmes.

The training workshop for communication officers focused on Enhancing Visibility and Marketing of TVET Programmes. It took place from 20th to 22nd September 2021 at in Nairobi, Kenya. The Overall aim of the training programme was to equip communication officers with relevant skills to position TVET as a mainstream career choice for students as opposed to be being considered as the career of the last resort. At the end of the training, the communication officers were expected to run public awareness campaigns that will shift public perceptions and achieve behaviour change to help EASTRIP attain its objectives.


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