General Wingate Polytechnic College Boosts Training Facilities with High-Tech Electrical Laboratory Equipment

General Wingate Polytechnic College Boosts Training Facilities with High-Tech Electrical Laboratory Equipment

By Jemal Hansen

General Wingate Polytechnic College (GWPTC) in Ethiopia is establishing a Regional Flagship TVET Institute Electrical and Digital Applications.  Through the support of the East African Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP), GWPTC has acquired cutting-edge Electrical Laboratory Workstation Equipment for its Centre Electrical and Digital Applications (CEDA).


Some of the equipment delivered at GWPC.

In early June 2023, GWPTC celebrated the arrival of the purchased Electrical Laboratory Workstation Equipment, valued at an impressive USD 1,144,822, generously provided by a renowned German-based company. The occasion drew the college community, along with the enthusiastic staff of the electrical and electronic department, who eagerly witnessed the introduction of these state-of-the-art resources.

The newly acquired Electrical Laboratory Workstation Equipment comprises a comprehensive range of cutting-edge tools and apparatuses, meticulously chosen to facilitate comprehensive training across various aspects of electrical engineering and digital applications. This substantial investment includes top-of-the-line workstations, precision measurement devices, specialized software, simulation tools, and advanced electrical testing equipment.

The acquisition of this modern equipment demonstrates GWPTC’s commitment to delivering world-class quality training that fosters innovation and provides students with hands-on learning experiences.  With these sophisticated technologies integrated into GWPTC’s curriculum, students can develop understanding of electrical principles, apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios, and enhance their problem-solving skills. The hands-on experience gained through utilizing industry-standard equipment will empower students to tackle the challenges and demands of the power and energy sector with confidence.

The successful acquisition of the Electrical Laboratory Workstation Equipment at GWPTC demonstrated the importance of the support provided by EASTRIP which will enhance students’ learning experiences. The college is committed to fostering innovation and equipping a new generation of skilled professionals to drive the growth and sustainability of the industry.

The Writer is the Project Coordinator for EASTRIP at General Wingate Polytechnic College

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