EASTRIP Regional Team impressed by progress at KenGen Geothermal Training Centre

EASTRIP Regional Team impressed by progress at KenGen Geothermal Training Centre

By Anne Sunkuyia

On 14th September, 2021, KenGen Geothermal Training Centre hosted a field visit by members of the EASTRIP Regional Facilitating Unit (RFU) and RFTIs who were on a mission to assess the progress of the project and appreciate the project and other institutional activities.

The one-day visit to the centre involved a brief presentation on the KenGen’s geothermal journey at the geothermal spa and a tour of the geothermal training and research facilities including the laboratories, power plant, existing KenGen Geothermal Training Centre and the proposed location for the upcoming GTC facility sponsored by World Bank under the EASTRIP.

EASTRIP regional team with from KenGen Geothermal Training Centre during the visit to the institution.

While giving his remarks on behalf of KenGen management, Mr. Cyrus Karingithi the Asst. Manager Resource Development and Infrastructure, assured the team of KenGen support to the EASTRIP project. Under this project, the training centre will be the region TVET training center in power and energy including oil and gas.  He further said that KenGen boast of high-level expertise in geothermal and many organizations both local and international have recognized this fact and hence sought consultancy services from KenGen in various geothermal related activities. ‘‘The Geothermal training Centre is better placed to provide competency-based programmes because of the vast experience in geothermal development’’, he added.

Having been selected as a Regional Flagship Centre of Excellence to develop energy skills, KenGen Geothermal Training Centre has risen through the ranks to become one of the most effective institutions in the energy sector. This has made it possible to develop as well as spread its wings and influence on a larger scale. Indeed, majority of our instructors within the centre are recipients of various advanced trainings and exposure programmes in developed nations among them; New Zealand, Japan, Iceland, Germany and the USA. This level of exposure has made it increasingly easier for the training programmes as well as the acquisition of priceless skills as far as the rigors and requirements of modern energy is concerned.

EASTRIP Team takes a tour of KenGen Laboratories

In response to a question on collaboration and linkages, Ms. Risper Kandie, the Project Cordinator said that KenGen has strived to partner with universities, both locally and internationally and engages them in developing relevant trainings to the students. She added that KenGen recognizes that networking and linkages with institutions of higher learning is one way in which innovation is driven through research and development activities. Establishing cooperation agreement with these learning institutions will enable KenGen Geothermal training Centre achieve its objectives under EASTRIP. The team was amazed by the training facilities within all KenGen projects as well as modern drilling rigs, power plants, labs and state of art equipment.

The Writer is a Senior Information Scientist at KenGen Geothermal Training Centre

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